September 23, 2019 - Monday
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Discovery of hidden Ata-Manobo village came as shock to LGU exec

I finally got to talk with Kapalong Mayor Ma. Theresa Roa Timbol. The opportunity came during an inter-agency meeting hosted by the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) on Friday at the Apo View Hotel. The meeting was in preparation for the September 30 service caravan that government agencies ...

Jimmy Laking | 23 minutes ago


SOGIE – Initial thoughts and questions (3)

This is the third installment on my commentary on the SOGIE bill. > “Imposing disciplinary actions that are harsher than customary due to the student's SOGIE” – This is a no-brainer. Of course, discipline and punishment ought to be based on the nature and gravity of the offense, and not on t ...

E.R. Nartatez | 2 days ago


Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts worldwide

“The move is the latest in a series of actions by social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter cracking down on manipulation, often by state-controlled entities disguising their identities.” Washington, United States | AFP | -- Twitter said Friday it shut down thousands of a ...

AFP | 2 days ago


Peripatetic: Walking the talk

“This is the essence of Peripatetic—to walk the talk. It derives from Aristotle’s ancient tradition of talking—or teaching—while walking with and among his students. I wrote Kakistocracy: Rule of the Unprincipled, Unethical and Unqualified because of my interest in lea ...

MindaNews | 2 days ago


It’s the time of year (for older persons)

The next few days will usher in the busiest days for Senior Citizens all over the Philippines. So busy will they be that a few would be in my office complaining of elevated blood pressure. Many have osteoarthritis, some with irregular rhythm, and the unfortunate ones, all of the above which precludes them from engaging in strenuous activities li ...

Eva Aranas Angel | 3 days ago


Love thy own pork as best anti-ASF defense

The heat is on for government not to allow the entry of imported pork in the Philippines. Along with this is the battle cry: love thy own pork. What pork that Luzon produces should stay in the mainland. The same goes for Mindanao and the Visayas, each producing more than their respective populati ...

Jimmy Laking | 3 days ago


Preparing for The Big One

I was going over the rows of ripe bananas displayed in one booth at the Agdao market on Friday when I felt like I was swaying a bit. To my surprise the rows of bananas that hung on a wire at eye level were swaying also. It was when the people around me suddenly stopped on their tracks when I realized the earth was m ...

Jimmy Laking | 4 days ago


How to maximize a book fair

My family has recently returned from a week-long trip to Manila. One of the highlights of our latest trip was the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). When we were living in Manila, going to the MIBF was a yearly pilgrimage regardless of distance and weather. So, the whole family was excited to be back after three years.   I ...

Grace Gaston Dousel | 4 days ago


Higher basketball IQ at FIBA rules

  What was initially regarded as a tightly-contested FIBA world cup finals failed to materialize when Spain caught Argentina on a bad day, 95-75, to win the title. Argentina was hardly in the game from the opening to the closing minutes. Luis Scola, the 39-old Argentine gunner looked a spent force for ...

Jimmy Laking | 5 days ago


Why does Davao City lead the country in the number of smokers?

Visitors to Davao City are often amused by the sight of small clusters of people huddled in the middle of parking lots at all times of the day — even at noontime under the direct heat of the sun. They’re way out there to indulge their smoking habit, and these smoking areas are the only places they can do it in. The spaces a ...

Jon Joaquin | 5 days ago