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The day PH lost Panatag Shoal

Seven years ago or one day in April 2012, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar (the largest Philippine warship at that time) faced off with two Chinese surveillance ships over a disputed shoal in the South China Sea. The crew of the Philippine warship, according to the Associated Press, was in the process of arresting Chinese ...

Jimmy Laking | 16 hours ago


Twisting Digong

On Friday, Digong gave his reaction to the resolution passed by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR), which to Malacañang was a one-sided action. The resolution, pushed by Iceland, has asked UNHCR chief Michelle Bachelet to make a comprehensive report on the killings that took place under Digong ...

Allan Nawal | 16 hours ago


The Kapa nightmare

The feedback in Davao del Sur is that first-timer board member Arvin “Jun Blanco” Malaza has made himself scarce over the past weeks.  I was introduced to Malaza in 2017 by friends who described him a close confidante of Governor Douglas Ra. Cagas.  In the process I learned ...

Jimmy Laking | 1 day ago


The parable of the rich fool

Last night at a dinner party, I had a good conversation with a dear friend about capitalism. He leans towards it not for its promise of wealth but for its alignment with the full expression of human freedom. We have a lot of agreement on this topic and I even mentioned Anton Kreil, a highly successful British securities trader who said ...

JD Vergara | 2 days ago


The missing link between Filipinos and 'investment schemes'

P30 billion was lost in a pyramid “double your money” scheme named Legacy Group of Companies that ran in 2008 and collapsed the same year. Some 15,000 people in the Visayas and Mindanao were duped of a total of P12 billion in 2012 by Aman Futures. Performance Investment Products Corp. took P11 billion pesos in May 2015, in ...

Avon Sinajon | 3 days ago


The President’s Achilles’ Heel?

In Greek mythology, the child Achilles was dipped by his sea-nymph mother Thetis in the River Styx, a river marking the divide between Earth and the Underworld. The River Styx was also a goddess, its waters holding magical powers. Immersed in the River Styx made Achilles invincible; well, almost but not quite. Thetis held Achilles in o ...

E.R. Nartatez | 3 days ago


Will MinDA push for federalism under Piñol?

With the imminent transfer of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol to the Mindanao Development Authority, will the MinDA finally take an aggressive push for federalism? Let us hope such will be the case. To his credit, the late Abdul Khayr Alonto, who chaired the MinDa until lingering illness took hold of his ...

Jimmy Laking | 4 days ago


About my mother

This is about my mother. Not entirely, though.  Cinephiles are likely to accuse me of ‘stealing’ the title of Pedro Almodovar’s critically acclaimed film, ‘All About My Mother.' I plead guilty before you could (accuse me). But, maybe, this is a story about your mother too. ‘Y Tu Mama Tam ...

Eva Aranas Angel | 4 days ago


Why organically-grown veggies seem to cost more

Sometime in the past, one municipal official asked aloud why organically-grown vegetables seemed to cost more over the counter than traditionally-grown vegetables. It was one query that could have been appreciated better had this official been to an organic farm, which he never had. In my mother& ...

Jimmy Laking | 5 days ago


Building a community of tween and teen homeschoolers

I recently came back from Manila for a series of meetings. It was a great mix of meetups ranging from business to education to a hospital visit to a despedida dinner. Perhaps one of the most fun and exciting afternoons I had was with the awesome homeschool moms that comprise the Teen HOP community. The laughter, the ...

Grace Gaston Dousel | 5 days ago