April 04, 2020 - Saturday
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Deriving good from evil

            We have to strengthen our belief in this truth of our faith. God is always in control of things no matter how much we mess up with them. He allows evil to take place, since he respects our freedom that can choose evil instead of the good. But he knows how to turn the tables on ...

Fr. Roy Cimagala | 6 hours ago


Wonder Woman to the rescue?

"Day 6 in self-quarantine. And I got to say that, um, these past few days got me feeling a bit philosophical." Gal Gadot Gal, probably the prettiest gal (pun intended) that ever donned the Wonder Woman outfit, somberly reflected on the pandemic gripping the entire planet. She wants to emit some inspiring v ...

E.R. Nartatez | 6 hours ago


Back to basics

I have lost count of how many times I have washed my hands in a day for weeks now. But it is safe to say it has more than doubled as compared to the pre-quarantine period when it was mandatory just to wash one’s hands before and after eating and after that visit to the outhouse. Or whenever it was necessary. Now methinks I am eve ...

Jimmy Laking | 1 day ago


PH home-brewing vs coronavirus

One silver lining in the face of the COVID-19 crisis is that the Philippines may be able to come with its home-brewed antidote against the dreaded pandemic. It is not there yet but it is all systems go as far as the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is concerned. According to Secretary Fortunato dela Peña, th ...

MDM | 1 day ago


Dystopia (Conclusion)

I have, for the longest time, taken care of my mental health (and trying my best to override the hormonal mayhem that comes with menopause), most of the time on my own. I do have my spiritual support, but even they are burdened by the threat of disease looming ominously in their convents and monasteries and respective archdioceses. Whe ...

Eva Aranas Angel | 1 day ago


The word of eternal life


Fr. Roy Cimagala | 2 days ago


Mayor Sara can always extend lockdown period

With this week’s most depressing news about three COVID-19 deaths linked to a cockpit derby at the New Davao Matina Gallera water under the bridge, Mayor Sara can always take the road moving forward by extending the lockdown period. There is no need to fuss over spilled milk. What was done was done, pardon the grammar. It is safe ...

Jimmy Laking | 2 days ago


How not to be overwhelmed with homeschool materials

The COVID-19 crisis also brought with it some blessings. Because schools are forced to close down and parents become the children’s primary teacher, every family now has become a homeschooling family. Many educational institutions provided their curriculum, materials, and services for free and have made them available online. However, it c ...

Grace Gaston Dousel | 2 days ago


Tokyo Olympics takes a backseat

It’s quarantine for now for Philippine Sports Commission chair William “Butch” Ramirez like the rest of his countrymen. But so is the rest of the world for that matter. In the meantime, whatever expectations he has for the summer Tokyo Olympics will have to take the backseat. It is not going to happen this July and Au ...

Jimmy Laking | 3 days ago


Banish anger quickly


Fr. Roy Cimagala | 3 days ago