January 26, 2020 - Sunday
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Visa brouhaha

Senator Ronald de la Rosa received a rude birthday gift from the United States when his visa was cancelled on January 20, a day before his birthday. There was no immediate explanation on the circumstances surrounding the visa revocation of the senator nicknamed "Bato." The US is not obligated to do so. ...

Chito Fuentes | 18 hours ago


Saving the mundane and temporal

            We have to understand that our mundane and temporal affairs are no obstacle in our relationship with God and with others. They should not be. In fact, for most people, these matters and affairs are the very occasion, material and motive for developing the love for God and for ...

Fr. Roy Cimagala | 18 hours ago


Refer everything to God

            We really have to learn how to refer everything to God. This should be like an instinct, an urge that needs to be corresponded. We should always remember that the constant and ultimate parameter of our life is God, since he is the one who sets the final conditions and purpose ...

Fr. Roy Cimagala | 1 day ago


To the stars!

I’ve become very picky when it comes to movies. More selective, critical and unforgiving. When I watch a movie, I’m fully engaged; I get inside the story and into the characters, and I let the story and the characters get inside me. I watch to experience and not just to be entertained. A great movie time for me is to sit in ...

E.R. Nartatez | 1 day ago


US trip for President Duterte good for PH

Were it put to vote, one decision that Filipinos would mostly likely want President Duterte to make is a trip to the United States itself. This is significant for several reasons. First, the invitation comes from no less than US President Donald Trump himself for Duterte to attend the US-ASEAN special summit in Las Vegas in March.   ...

MDM | 2 days ago


Ban on self-styled Rappler is called self-preservation

At bar in the Supreme Court is a petition by the self-styled Manila-based online news organization Rappler seeking the lifting of a two-year coverage imposed by Malacañang. This goes back actually to February 20, 2018 when Malacañang decided to bar Rappler’s Pia Rañada from entering the ga ...

Jimmy Laking | 2 days ago


The subtle optimism of ‘Bahala na’

For the longest time in my adult life, I have always perceived ‘bahala na’ as one of the negative traits passed on by the Spanish colonizers, to us. This, along with ‘mañana habit, ‘ningas cogon,’ and ‘siesta.' In the last few weeks, I have been through a cycle of emoti ...

Eva Aranas Angel | 2 days ago


Digong’s marching order for PSC: bring sports to the poor

President Duterte’s hand’s down choice in 2016 to head the Philippine Sports Commission in 2016 never fails to amaze. And at the pace PSC chairman William “Butch” Ramirez is going, the transformation of Philippine sports from strength to strength can be an anchor to nation building and development. ...

Jimmy Laking | 3 days ago


Setting realistic health goals for the New Year (Last of two parts)

For better skin As I turned 30, another mentor of mine (yes, I surround myself with wise people) told me to take care of my skin. Ten years since that day, I am thankful that she called me out for not paying attention to my face and skin!  While there are many great skin care products out there ...

Grace Gaston Dousel | 3 days ago


More power, more temptations

            This should be a no-brainer. It should come much like an instinct. When one is vested with power, with better endowments than those of others, he must remember that such privilege will always attract temptations of abusing it. It is like a magnet for temptations. Thus, we have ...

Fr. Roy Cimagala | 3 days ago