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STRIKE HOME: Paging Senator Pacquiao

Now that Manny Pacquiao the boxer has taken care of business by dispatching Adrien Broner in typical fashion, it’s about time Manny Pacquiao the legislator must shifts his attention to the state of Philippine boxing once and for all. Philippine boxing is not exactly dying but it is neither here nor there. It remains stuck in stag ...

Jimmy Laking | 15 hours ago


GRACE DAYS: A storm-proof life

I just came from Batangas and learned so much from a business leadership bootcamp sponsored by Synergy 1 Global, a group that trains business leaders. Aptly dubbed “Thrive: Live to Inspire,” it was a weekend of intense sessions on harnessing entrepreneurial mindset and skills, business simulation games, vision casting, and most of al ...

Grace Gaston Dousel | 15 hours ago


STRIKE HOME: Double treat

Just hours before Manny Pacquiao climbed the ring against Adrien Broner in Las Vegas, another Filipino delighted the Filipino community in Calgary, Canada by knocking out Mexico’s Rutile Romero in the fourth round of a scheduled 10-rounder. The fight, held at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino, started evenly as each tried to find their ...

Jimmy Laking | 1 day ago


SFORZANDO: Depression and suicide

The world was shocked on April 5, 1994 when Kurt Cobain, the frontman of the very popular band Nirvana, committed suicide. He was just 27 and was at the peak of his popularity as the No. 10 on the list of most popular frontmen. Three years later, Michael Hutchence of the Australian band INXS also deliberately took his life by drug over ...

Allan Nawal | 2 days ago



Residents of the ARMM and the cities of Isabela and Cotabato vote today on the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) ...

By Arlene Pasaje

Arlene Pasaje | 2 days ago


STRIKE HOME: Dear Senator Trillanes...

Thank you, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for the visit. Brief as it was, it disproved the notion that you would ignore the proceedings and would just let your lawyers proceed on your behalf. Thank you for disproving by your visit that Davao City is a dangerous place. Your visit proved to one and sundry that the idea was absurd or just a figment of one’s imagination. From the airport, you were escorted and ushered direct to the court room without having to encounter a single DDS or a hostile reporter. You see, maybe the local media has mellowed some, but there was a time when a Davao reporter confronted a ...

Jimmy Laking | 6 days ago


EDITORIAL: Ensuring safe food in the markets

What is mouth-watering, tasty, and seemingly-delicious may not be necessarily safe. In fact, the City Health Office (CHO) has finally let the word out: the public should refrain from eating halo-halo and cold beverages in the public markets. At the same time, it also warned against patronizing food parlors along the Roxas Night Market where “the risk of contamination is high.’’ The first warning arose after an online photo showed blocks of ice exposed to the elements on a Bankerohan street. The CHO also determined that half of the ice blocks was used for preserving fish while the rest was used for halo-halo and ...

MDM | 6 days ago


STRING AROUND MY FINGER: Tom and the inspiring spirit of volunteerism

When I was in Aarhus, Denmark, I spent my free time and academic quarter lounging on the new couch the landlord asked me to help him choose from IKEA, watching TV in the apartment about two blocks away from the university. I was the only Asian in the group and the Italians I was with were a big and closely knit group, and delightfully loud, the kind that was infectious and youthful and fun. Being  proficient in the German, French, and a smattering of Danish languages, in addition to their native Italian, the girls were always surrounded by a bunch of other Europeans with whom they hung out in the library and under the trees in th ...

Eva Aranas Angel | 6 days ago


SPEARHEAD: Gun salute for lazy cops

There’s nothing cheerful about a town’s entire police command getting sacked for “low performance.” But such action certainly gives the public the assurance that the Philippine National Police (PNP) is dead serious in straightening up its operations, as well as purge its ranks of unfits. The order that ...

Erwin Tulfo | 1 week ago


EDITORIAL: Making the HPBS a priority

Quality of life should no longer be measured and decided by one’s social or economic status. These days, the quality of life that we can expect to experience is highly influenced by the traffic situation in the place we call home. Dabawenyos should brace for some lifestyle changes, if they have not already done so, to prepare for the impact of the worsening traffic in the city. This could mean leaving the house very early in the morning if you live in the suburbs, going home directly after work, or perhaps staying later than usual and eating out to avoid the traffic. That could mean more expenses for eating out and less time spent at ...

MindaNews | 1 week ago