March 25, 2019 - Monday
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Imagination run wild

Take it easy riders. No need to go half-cocked.  Nothing is final yet. Contrary to expectations, this is one road paved with good intentions. Or so this was assurance authorities gave on Saturday in a forum-dinner with various motorcycle rider associations of Mindanao in Davao City. The bone of contention was Republic Ac ...

Jimmy Laking | 11 hours ago



I’m not a big fan of Billy Joel. His songs are good but I’m just not digging into his tunes. Having said that, however, I find his song, “Honesty” quite relevant to two commercial establishments that try to draw the honesty trait among Filipinos. One is a bus company called “The Green Frog Hybrid Bus Co.” and ...

JD Vergara | 11 hours ago


What does God require from us?

Cable TV is what you’ll find when you’re traveling and staying in a cheap hotel. It promises you hundreds of programs, giving you a sense of freedom with all the choices given. But of course, one is still limited by what one wants. Mine is severely limited: History channel, National Geographic, and the religious channels like, for in ...

JD Vergara | 1 day ago


Even sports was not spared by squabble over budget

Due to the political bickering of our politicians causing the delay of the release of the country’s budget, several reports officials have revealed that the country is in danger of losing the rights to host the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. In a report by Fox Sports Asia, the Southeast Asian Games Federation Council is monito ...

Jerico Javier | 1 day ago


Palaui Island is the next big thing in tourism

STA. ANA, CAGAYAN — The last time I went here was to cover smuggled luxury vehicles in Port Irene. In the previous administrations, this place was known as transhipment of surplus cars from Japan and Korea. In every place here you could see the display of surplus cars. Even small houses would sell smuggled vehicl ...

Jimmy Laking | 2 days ago


To imagine, or not to imagine, that is the question

"Imagine" was John Lennon’s most successful song as a solo artist. His "greatest musical gift to the world" (Rolling Stone). A recipient of the Grammy Hall of Fame Award, and inducted “into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.” (Wiki) It’s been described as “a ...

E.R. Nartatez | 2 days ago


Go for gold

If this were a medal tally, former Special Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence Go is now tied for bronze. In the latest survey conducted by Pulse Asia, Go shared third to fifth places with incumbent Juan Edgardo Angara and balik-Senador Manuel Mercado Lapid. Conducted last February 24-28, Go’s third place ra ...

Chito Fuentes | 2 days ago


The east coast remembered

I stand corrected. Typhoon Chedeng was no harmless baby who did her “crying and bouncing” only to disappear into the horizon. In so far as several towns of Davao Oriental are concerned, Chedeng was malditahay or rude, nasty even, deserving of a spanking. For while she was merely passing through, she made sure at l ...

Jimmy Laking | 3 days ago


Gov't satisfaction rating would’ve been ‘perfect’

Good thing this recent yearend Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey fairly hit the mark and accurately reflected the Filipino people’s view of the Duterte administration’s performance, resulting in a satisfaction rating of “Very Good.”   There are things that just cannot be easily slanted and twisted with l ...

Erwin Tulfo | 3 days ago


Parade of the innocents

It is one of those nights when I am early. I have pay patients in the suite room, pay ward and a few referrals for Cardio-Pulmonary clearances prior to surgery. As is my custom, I see the ‘clean’ cases first, despite the hand-washing and the alcohol slathering for disinfection, and then I go down to the ER or admitting section to see ...

Eva Aranas Angel | 3 days ago