November 21, 2019 - Thursday
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Becoming a blessing while travel schooling

I recently conducted a travel schooling workshop at the Arrows & Quivers Homeschool Hub in Davao City. It was a timely learning session for parent-teachers because homeschooling families usually travel during the holiday season.   In our family’s experience of travel schooling for the past five years, we have learned ...

Grace Gaston Dousel | 7 hours ago


Persona non grata

The rebel New People’s Army is hurting. It seems it would indeed be a matter of time before it is rendered irrelevant. This is because it is hurting most where it mattered: in the indigenous peoples’ domains in Davao del Norte and its surrounding areas. For decades, the IP territories have been the NPA&r ...

Jimmy Laking | 7 hours ago


The importance of ejaculatory prayers

            We need to be more familiar with what are known as ejaculatory prayers, otherwise known also as aspirations. They are short prayers that spring rather quite spontaneously from the heart that is going through the different situations in life—happy, sad, tense, tired, exci ...

Fr. Roy Cimagala | 17 hours ago


NAPC’s ‘all for one’ mission links up with quake-hit IPs

For the second time this month, I joined another relief and medical mission, this time in Davao del Sur on November 16. And this time around, it was in the earthquake-hit municipality of Magsaysay. The objective was Barangay Bacungan, farther beyond the town proper where some 700 families belonging to the indigenous B’l ...

Jimmy Laking | 1 day ago


Celibacy, chastity, charity

            “Vos estis lux mundi.” That’s Latin for “Your are the light of the world,” words addressed by Christ to his disciples, telling them how they ought to be. (cfr. Mt 5,14 ) Pope Francis used these words as title to his Motu Proprio Apostolic Letter that dea ...

Fr. Roy Cimagala | 1 day ago


It’s not tariffication, it’s inefficiency!

It is the market exchange that most likely lowered the price of rice in the country. Tariffication is unlikely the culprit for the lowering of the price of rice in the market. Why? Because tariffication is an additional cost, a burden, on the part of the supplier. In a graphic model of supply and demand, this would mean a shift in the supply cur ...

Atty. Jamil Matalam | 1 day ago


Why we should fear the US

When it comes to protecting its interests, including those in other countries, the United States is known to be notorious that it doesn't mind taking down popular leaders. This has been proven many times over and the results were consequential – countries and the lives of the people therein shattered. To this day, t ...

Allan Nawal | 2 days ago


The young ones

In a short while which may probably mean a couple of years more, Lebron James will still remain as one of the NBA’s dominant players.  However and whatever his partnership with Anthony Davis will turn out to be, the Los Angeles Lakers will stack up as the hottest commodity in the NBA market today.  ...

Jimmy Laking | 2 days ago


Keep the faith supernatural always

            We need to understand that our Christian faith is first of all God’s gift to us to enable us to have the possibility of sharing the supernatural life of God, of whom we have been created as his image and likeness. That’s how God wants us to be.       ...

Fr. Roy Cimagala | 2 days ago



Back in college in the 90s I was substantially informed with current events and political issues. I was a writer in our college paper called “Umyong” in the University of Mindanao and I did my share in writing news stories and political articles. I was constantly reading newspapers and magazines, forcing myself to intellectually enga ...

JD Vergara | 3 days ago