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150 cyclists to celebrate mountain bike day in Davao

July 15, 2019 - Monday 8:07 AM by Daniel Joaquin

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One hundred fifty cyclists are expected to join the very first celebration of the International Mountain Bike Day in Davao City on July 20 at the Davao Crocodile Park grounds.

A three to five kilometer circuit has been designed by Davao Adventure X for the event that will be open to accommodate cyclists of all ages, as well as bikes of all types.

Davao Adventure X’s Jake Custodio said the mixed rock and concrete circuit will give participants the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely ride around a specially designed circuit.

Appearing at the Davao Sportswriters Association (DSA) Forum at the Annex of SM City Davao on Thursday, Custodio said an off-road section has also been included in the circuit’s design to provide more experienced riders with a little excitement despite the track’s lack of uphill and downhill elements.

Apart from the simultaneous ride around the circuit, a few additional post-ride events are set to take place such as a bunny hop and obstacle course contest.

In addition, the youngest and oldest participants in the event will be awarded with prizes. 

Also present at the DSA Forum on Thursday was Monica Ayala of Cycle for Life, who expressed that this event is an opportunity to raise awareness for cycling in Davao City not only as a hobby, but as a legitimate form of transportation.

She said that the event will be a welcome sight for newbies who want to get into the local cycling community as it offers them a way to meet other cyclists without the trouble of having to trouble far.

In addition, newbies will have a chance to have a feel for their bikes in a specially designed concrete and off-road course manned by for everybody’s safety.

Ayala highlighted the fact the Davao is a city full of nature and that many of the city’s sights are accessible by walking and cycling alone.

She also hopes that events such as this will push the local government into enforcing the city’s bicycle ordinance, which was passed in 2010.

Registration for the event is at P500 per person inclusive of a bicycle jersey, a post-race meal, and discount coupons to Fox Racing apparel and equipment.