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4 wanted terrorists fall in clash against police

January 22, 2021 - Friday 8:01 PM by PR

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Philippine National Police Chief Police General Debold Sinas said police commandos of the PNP Special Action Force engaged members of the ISIS-inspired Dawlah Islamiya (DI) in a 5-minute gunbattle at 6:15 AM on Thursday in Sitio Malo, Jawe, Barangay Basag, Tboli, South Cotabato.

Citing reports from PNP-SAF Director, Police Major General Bernabe Balba, Sinas said a shootout erupted when SAF troopers from the 41st and 42nd Special Action Company with personnel of T’Boli Municipal Police Station were serving three separate Warrants of Arrest against the suspects for two counts of murder, direct assault, and frustrated murder.

While approaching the location, the suspects opened fire, prompting the police team to seek cover and returned fire which resulted in an armed encounter and neutralization of members of the terrorist group.

The slain suspects, all affiliated with the Dawlah-Islamiya Maguid-Tadoy Group were identified as Saadin Macabangin, Narjaid Macabangin, Baharan Macabangin, and Moen Macabangin.

"These suspects were also involved in the General Santos City bombing in 2018 and killing of two (2) policemen of Polomolok MPS, South Cotabato, and are armed with illegally-possessed high powered firearms," Sinas revealed.

The operating team recovered the following items from the scene of encounter:

- One (1) unit carbine without serial number with magazine, loaded with three (3) live ammunition;

- One (1) unit caliber .45 pistol with serial number 888367 with magazine inserted, loaded with five (5) live ammunition;

- One (1) unit homemade caliber .45 pistol with serial number 7602444, with magazine inserted, loaded with six (6) ammunitions;

- One (1) hand Grenade;

- Three (3) units android cellphone;

- Three (3) ID’s;

- One (1) Professional Driver’s License;

- One (1) piece flashlight;

- One (1) piece of fired cartridge case of carbine;

- Three (3) pieces of fired cartridge case of cal. 45;

- Fifteen (15) pieces of a fired cartridge of caliber 5.56; and

- One (1) pack of dried marijuana leaves with an estimated value of Php 300.00 PNP-PIO