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Above Sea Level food escapade

February 13, 2020 - Thursday 10:02 PM by Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto

Article Banner Image Above Sea Level also serves beef wrapped shrimp, firecracker shrimp and the crackling like squid overload — pieces of fried squid.

Above Sea Level, true to its name, will have you belting Sebastian’s “Under the Sea” song in an instant. And for someone who loves the Little Mermaid, this restaurant is  definitely one dining place you’d want to dive right in.

Home of the giant butterfly squid, the restaurant has been the talk of the town since they served their first squidfest. From picky eaters (we see you, Yoon Se-ri) to keto lovers and of course to foodies, Above Sea Level will have you grabbing a pair of disposable gloves and munching on their seafood festival menu without second thought.

Their menu is simple — very simple, at that. Though limited, you’d be surprised at how flavor-packed each dish is. Personally, I love the simplicity of the dishes — it allows me to savor the seafood pieces and appreciate their natural flavors more than the seasoning.

Enjoying a symphony of delish sea dishes with the family

Prepared right, cooked to perfection, and tasting like how it should be have always been on my top list when satisfying my palate. I’m not picky; I just know what I want. And though Above Sea Level has 99% fried dishes, I find their menu to be better than satisfying. Plus, you have an assortment of sawsawan on the side to wash off the sticky fried aftertaste.

So what is this restaurant best known for? As mentioned, they serve a diabolically savory squidfest or deep fried giant butterfly squid. I’ll let you take all those in — yes, deep fried+giant+butterfly+squid in one sentence. Possible? Oh yes, love, very possible and delectable at the same time.

Deep-fried Giant Butterfly Squid

Each butterfly squid is effortlessly tender despite the outer crunchy crust. Well-seasoned, each piece is fried to golden perfection without altering the savory sea flavor. The best part? You can tear the squid in pieces with your fingers.

A definite conversation piece, the Squidfest comes in different sizes —  babygroot (good for 1) to groot (good for 4). Each is served with java rice.

Aside from the deep-fried giant butterfly squid, Above Sea Level also has a seafood festival on a plate. Coming with a generous serving of java rice, it is topped with crab, mussels, shrimp, and corn cooked in creamy sea flavored sauce packed with crab and shrimp fat. Now that’s something you would want to dive right in.

Seafood Festival

Another dish on their menu that’s a hit among my picky nephews is the krispy sizzling pusit. Crispy fried squid bits cooked and served on a sizzling plate has that basic sea taste but will have you loving the tender pieces despite the crunchy exterior.

Krispy Sizzling Pusit

Also on their menu are beef wrapped shrimp, firecracker shrimp, and the crackling like squid overload — pieces of fried squid.

Over all, it was a nice dining experience. Something you’d want to share with family and friends. So when you are in town and craving some seafood loving, go and give Above Sea Level a try.

Above Sea Level is located at stall #21-22 City Traders Bldg., Gov. Gutierrez avenue (ORC), Cotabato City. They have branches all over the country.