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Aiai Delas Alas 'Hello Kitty Themed House' made possible by Siomai King Online Franchise Business

March 30, 2021 - Tuesday 5:03 PM by MDM

Article Banner Image Comedy Concert Queen Aiai Delas Alas-Sibayan was surprised by her husband Gerald Sibayan with their newly renovated 'Hello Kitty'-themed house.

Who would have thought by just getting involved in an online franchise business and selling siomai online on a part time basis especially during the pandemic, would pave the way in transforming a dream into a reality.

This was the emotional reaction posted online by the Comedy Concert Queen herself, Ms. Aiai Delas Alas-Sibayan as she was surprised by her husband, Gerald Sibayan in transforming their simple home into an elegantly designed 'Hello Kitty' pink themed pad.

In her online post, she said that her husband, Gerald Sibayan really knows how to make her happy. She also noted that she really is not that much interested in material things like shoes and bags but does appreciate the simple things in life.

Aiai admitted that she was an avid fan of Hello Kitty specially during her teens, and every chance she has in collecting these adorable products, would always brighten her day.

Aiai Delas Alas-Sibayan's home turned into a 'Hello Kitty'-themed house as her husband Gerald Sibayan fulfill her long-time wish to have a Hello Kitty collection.

Aside from being Siomai King's brand ambassadress, Aiai Delas Alas-Sibayan is also an online franchisee, same with her husband Gerald Sibayan.

That is why, on their recent 7th year anniversary as a couple, her husband surprised her, renovating their home into a lavish pink, Hello Kitty themed house make over, all while she was away for her TV shoot. 

The Comedy Concert Queen also disclosed that the money used by her husband came from their Siomai King Online Franchise Business, which the coupled ventured to almost a year ago, as a way to make ends meet, during the time when the pandemic struck the country’s economy the hardest.

As the Covid19 pandemic marks its 1st year anniversary worldwide, it was noted that 80% of businesses and different industries (even the showbiz industry), were severely affected resulting in countless loss of jobs, sky rocketing the rate of unemployment, the country’s worst in two decades.

Not immune from the devastating economic effects of the pandemic, Siomai King was the first foodcart franchise brand to transition to the 'Online Franchise Business Concept', investing heavily on technical and logistical infrastructures and quickly adapting to the New Normal as a proven way to help our kababayans, not only to survive but to have an alternate source of income, enabling them to earn, while at the comfort and safety of their home. 

Aiai Delas Alas-Sibayan enjoying her favorite Siomai King treats.

Looking for an alternative source of income where you can earn even at home? Siomai King's got you! Be an online franchisee now!

Just like the couple Aiai and Gerald Sibayan, Siomai King Online Franchise to this date has helped not only thousands of Filipinos survive, but also thrived during the pandemic and has paved the way for other franchise businesses to follow the footsteps and the proven system of Siomai King. 

So if you are planning to set up or venture into your own business during these trying times, follow the expert’s advice and venture online just like what Siomai King has done and is offering to the public, so that ordinary Filipinos may have a fighting chance, not only to survive… but thrive amid the Pandemic. 

Siomai King, Ang Hari ng Siomai. 

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