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Baste to prioritize outdated traffic light system

October 19, 2019 - Saturday 6:10 PM by Funny Pearl A. Gajunera

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DAVAO CITY -- Vice Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte said that it is due time to recalibrate the city’s traffic light system since it has been used for about a decade now. 

The vice mayor  said the traffic lights need to be up to date to handle the city’s current traffic situation, in the light of  rapid changes due to economic development.

"It is understandable that there is a need to recalibrate the traffic lights in the city. It can be recalled that recently, someone died due to electrocution so we really need to see what are the things that needs to be improved," he said.

He noted that experts are being consulted as to how the traffic light system be adjusted to cater to the city’s needs, as well as to avoid accidents from happening.

He also mentioned that the issue will be one of the city council’s priorities to prevent the problem from worsening.

"If there is a need to change a contractor, we will. If they cannot fulfill their obligations we really have to change contractor then," he added.

In Tuesday’s regular session, Councilor Diosdado Mahipus Jr. addressed the fatal electrocution of an 18-year-old in Panacan on October 8, which was caused by a defective traffic light.

"I received information that the defective traffic light was already reported to the contractor before the incident occurred. The residents in the area noticed the electricity running from the defective post," Mahipus said.

Abratique and Associates is the city’s current contractor for maintenance and enhancement of the traffic light system.

On, the contractor’s official website, it is stated that phase one of the Davao City Traffic Signal System will include the design and construction of 21 newly signalized intersections, construction of a Traffic Operation Center, and installation of 17 CCTV cameras in strategic locations within the city.

Phase one of the P10-million project already started early January 2019.