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BREADrific afternoon with Craft Breads and Pastries at Park Inn by Radisson Davao

March 01, 2020 - Sunday 6:03 PM by Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto

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DAVAO CITY — Considered one of the oldest man-made foods, bread is a staple made from flour and water. It’s not as big here as in some other parts of the world, but Filipinos have since considered bread to be a part of any get-together. From simple gatherings to momentous events, you’ll never fail to see a basket of bread on the dining table.

In the city, breads and pastries have been making a big splash on how Davaoeños eat and enjoy their food. From savory to sweet to the more eclectic ube and flavored ones, the city is laden with magnificent kitchen creations that’s worth every bite.

RBG Bar & Grill at Park Inn by Radisson Davao played host to an afternoon of freshly-baked breads and pastries with its Get BREADy with Craft Breads last February 20, 2020.

The event was spearheaded by Davaoeño artisan baker Chef Vanessa Pacheco of Craft Breads and Pastries.

Chef Vanessa Pacheco of Craft Breads and Pastries

Present during the gathering were guests from the city’s different sectors, media personalities, and bloggers.

A homegrown talent, Pacheco discovered her passion for baking in Canada in 2000. “It relaxes me,” she said in between questions from the media.

Chef Vanessa Pacheco slices a piece of bread for the guests to admire.

Completing her Artisan Bread Baking, and Baking Arts Certificates at George Brown College in 2016, Pacheco shared that  it was her passion for baking that fueled her to create and bake breads for everyone to enjoy. Not only does she strive to add value to her products by focusing on quality, she also aims to educate Filipinos about the science of bread.
Pacheco talked about her passion and her company and also gave an insider’s look on how breads are made, how they bloom, and what differentiates one from the other. “You can feel the texture, smell the aroma, and taste the difference, which makes each bread interesting,” she shared.

Chef Vanessa Pacheco and guests

Pacheco’s bread and pastry repertoire mostly focuses on European-style baked goods. Her kitchen masterpieces include scones (usually made of wheat, or oatmeal with baking powder as a leavening agent), sourdough (made by the fermentation of dough using naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast), brioche (bread of French origin similar to a highly enriched pastry whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb), focaccia (flat oven-baked Italian bread), panettone (Italian type of sweet bread), cinnamon babka (sweet braided bread), cheese roll (worth every calorie!), and challah (special bread in Jewish cuisine).

BRIOCHE FRENCH TOAST will soon become an any time, any day fave.

PANETTONE is Christmas 365 days.

Pacheco also talked about our fave bread, the pan de sal — which was the first bread she ever baked. “I love baking the pan de sal — the kneading (of the dough), the prep, and the baking is something else,” she said.



Sharing the goal of providing guests with hearty and healthy dishes while ensuring fresh and locally-inspired specialties, Lish Babela, Park Inn by Radisson Davao’s Marketing & Communications Manager, shared that the gourmet breads will be made available in the hotel’s breakfast buffet.

The hotel will also progressively move towards the gourmet types of sandwiches and toasts and reintroduce classic favorites together with Craft Breads and Pastries.