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Cherry Mobile taps expertise of Cloud Panda in launching their online store

May 29, 2020 - Friday 2:05 PM by MDM

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The country’s mobile phone giant Cherry Mobile has partnered with the country’s most reputable IT company to launch its own Online store, in respond to the ongoing global pandemic.

Cherry Mobile, took the opportunity to expand and thrive its business operations, enabling them to reach out to more customers that most businesses were unable to, along with the restrictions brought about by the effects of the Corona Virus.

Since Mid- March of this year, businesses were forced to close down due to the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, in line with the Government’s directive to stop the spread of the virus, resulting in immense profit losses from every industry.

Most business owners think of a way to survive the current dire situation with unemployment figures on the rise and more businesses shutting down, the threat of surviving in today’s economy is as real as ever. Transitioning your business into the Digital Online Store Platform is the only viable long term profitable solution.

With this, Cherry Mobile Inc. took that giant leap, taking advantage of the circumstances not only to earn More Profit, but most specially to flourish and allowing Cloud Panda to design its very own “Online Store”. (visit

Cloud Panda, a well-respected IT company, known not only for creating technology web based systems software and mobile applications, but particularly in the development of Business “Responsive Online Stores” that is fully operable in just 72 hours, enabling business owners to earn more profit, right away.

This is why some of the Industry leaders like Ferrari Philippines, Puregold, Mindanao Daily Mirror, JC, Ka-Tunying’s, Siomai king and among others have also partnered with the said IT company.

The revolution brought about by the concept of an “Online store” are evident and the benefits are limitless. Business owners are not restricted in generating revenues from their physical stores anymore, Online stores gives them the Power literally to expand and reach out to any customer anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Online stores enable business owners to reduce their operating costs, operate in any situation or environment, generating more profit and engaging more demand from customers. Online stores ensure continuity of business operation and expansion, ideal for the current Global Pandemic situation.
Cloud Panda aims to aid Business owners to grow faster, flourishing in the Online Store market segment, enabling them to “Survive and Thrive” in the Current Pandemic. Cloud Panda’s Responsive Online Store platforms help you to Connect with your customers with ease, Access the data that is vital to your business growth and expansion, and have Full Control over the Global Crisis. 

Take your business to the next level, have your very own Online Store set up professionally tailored fit for your business needs, talk to Cloud Panda today to see how they can help bring your business to everyone’s finger tips. For inquiries, just e-mail us at