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Chicken bacon- A delish switch

January 23, 2020 - Thursday 6:01 PM by Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto

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Movies and food go together like Adam and Eve. As soon as the idea of catching a flick on the cinema arries, the image of food also takes centerstage. Food has been a big factor when spending some hours inside the cinema, to say the least. And that’s even before a title is chosen.
I have never been a big popcorn fan. I always opt for sandwiches and finger foods when catching a flick. Those who know me know that I fancy a hot mini croissant (from The French Baker) and cookies when catching a movie. And if I have my way, a cup of kiddie temp coffee to make it perfect.

However, when Chick ‘N Chuck opened at the SM Lanang Premier, I knew it was time to make that switch. A delish switch, that is.

Home of the famous flattened chicken and chicken wings, Chick ‘N Chuck is the first dining destination in Davao to serve chicken bacon and sausages. EVER! For a Muslim like me, this is certainly my kind of food choices – no restrictions, no limitations. Blind ordering at its best.

Flattened chicken breast, or the Chick ‘N Chops, is available in four finger lickin’ flavors – original, barbecue, cheese, and sour cream. Best eaten while it’s hot, every piece is tender, juicy and very enticing to the palate. You may also opt to have the big chunk cut up in pieces. 

Movies and hotdog also have an undying love that seems to take moviegoers’ palate by storm. Its Chickwurst comes in two delectable flavors: chili con chicken and mac & cheese. I fell in love with its chili con chicken – something about a medley of flavor pairings on the palate to brighten any movie date.

Wing it! Its Clucker Wings, which comes in 6, are heaven on the palate. Savory cooked chicken wings that is both crunchy and juicy are available in five different flavors: buffalo, spicy barbecue, garlic parmesan, honey garlic and cheesy jalapeno. If in the mood, mix and match the flavors – you’ll thank me later. Don’t forget the napkins. 

Chicken fingers from Chick ‘N Chuck will have to be one of my newest favorites. Tender, juicy and very easy on the panlasa, I love it on its own. Each order comes in three amazing dips: gravy, aioli, and cheese. 

Chick ‘N Bacon is, for me, the holy grail of their menu. What more can I say? It’s chicken and it’s bacon. That there beats all the pains and aches your former flame gave you. It did with mine.

Also on their menu are Chicken skin nachos (oohhhlala mas masarap pa sa mga sweet promises ng ex mo), mac ‘n cheese (reminiscent of lazy bed days) and some shoestring fries in original, cheese, barbecue and sour cream flavors.

As exciting as their chicken nibbles, I also love their slushies. Personally, I love how sweet and sour their mango cream slush is. It’s creamy yet not umay. In a nutshell, it’s balanced and washes the palate clean after a few hefty bites off their flattened chicken breast. They also have coffee jelly slush. 

If slush is not your cup of tea, then they have an assortment of flavored soda’s to keep you hydrated. Flavors available include passion fruit, lemon, green apple and strawberry (the strawberry is one perfect cinema companion!).