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Controversy lingers around UFC post-brawl

October 10, 2018 - Wednesday 6:10 PM by MindaNews

UFC 229 became one of the most controversial events in sports history as a brawl ensued between the camps of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor Saturday night (GMT -7).

Nurmagomedov climbed over the octagon and assaulted one of McGregor’s training partners seconds after tapping out his opponent and retaining his title as the undefeated UFC lightweight champion.

It took security officials and police officers a few minutes to separate members from both camps.

Three men from Nurmagomedov’s camp were arrested but later released as McGregor opted not to press charges.

UFC president Dana White expressed his ‘disgust’ at the post-fight press conference over what had happened during the much-anticipated event.

White also promised that all fighters under contracts with the UFC that were involved in the brawl would never be able to fight for the promotion again.

On the other hand, professional MMA fighters such as Matt Mitrione of Bellator MMA are saying that White needs to be held responsible for the brawl as well.

Mitrione claimed that White allowed the drama and tension between the two fighters and their respective camps to build up to a point where physical confrontation was inevitable.

Mitrione also pointed out that the UFC permits anything as long as “it puts butts in seats, if it puts eyes on screens,” and added “There’s no repercussion to action (in the UFC).”

He expressed his disappointment, saying “The sport has come a long way since 1996. But things like this are what make the casual fan not respect the effort and the hustle that is our sport.”

Sports analysts have also emphasized the fact that fans and patrons of professional sports need to be protected at such events, and unsanctioned violence and profanity should not be tolerated.

McGregor’s outburst in April towards a bus carrying Nurmagomedov and other UFC employees and officials was once referred to by White as the “most disgusting thing” that has ever happened in the history of UFC.

Despite the statement, the UFC imposed no sanctions on McGregor and allowed the fighter to challenge the lightweight title holder in the same year of the bus attack.

White was quoted in an interview with TMZ Sports as saying “He went through the legal process and got what he got. That’s it.”