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CopperMask launches its Newest Version with Enclosed Filters and Validation Card

February 11, 2021 - Thursday 5:02 PM by MDM

Article Banner Image CopperMask launches its new and improved version with additional inclusions, enclosed non-woven fabric filters and validation card.

2020 has seen its fair share of what harm the dreaded Covid19 can inflict on a country’s economy, let alone the health of its citizens. With the promise of a better 2021 in hopes of stopping the virus, it may still be a long road ahead as countries around the world wait for the rollout of Covid19 vaccines that can help save lives.

Many preventive steps to help slow the spread of the said disease are already disseminated and constantly being reminded by our Health Officials of which includes the wearing of facemasks.

Each box of CopperMask includes 1 CopperMask film, 10pcs non-woven fabric filters, 5 pcs enclosed non-woven fabric filters, validation card, seal stickers, colored logo stickers, manual and elastic bands.

Double your protection with style with the newest version of black and white CopperMask.

Validate if the CopperMask you have is original with this validation card by getting the activation and PIN code then visit, enter the codes and you can now finally view the validation status of your original CopperMask.


To help stop the spread of Covid19, CopperMask launched its “Double Protection Variant” giving its users twice the protection they need when going outside.

Just like the previous variant that helps block-off harmful viral droplets with its Infused Copper strands embedded on the face mask’s copper film, this new variant also does the same but comes with a new and improved “Non-Woven fabric filters” set.  The said fabric filters now offer a sealed chin part, preventing harmful pathogens from escaping or entering the mask while providing the user that safe and shielded confidence every time he breathes, thus giving the user the improved “Double Protection” advantage.  

This new version of CopperMask aims to provide better protection for its users and at the same time, keep its original stylish look. 

CopperMask new and improved version has now a total of 15pcs non-woven fabric filters.

CopperMask also has addition and some changes on the box itself aside from the new inclusions.

CopperMask Double Protection variant also comes with an Authenticity Validation card to know whether the ones you’ve purchased are original or not, thereby protecting, even more, its customers by validating the purchased item.

Although this is a welcome development in the protection it provides, CopperMask also reminds the public to continue observing basic health protocols such as frequent washing of hands, proper social distancing, and wearing of facemasks to help slow down the spread of Covid19.