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Crazy, rich flavors of Osia

October 17, 2019 - Thursday 6:10 PM by Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto

Article Banner Image Resorts World Sentosa Senior Executive Communications Jonathan Yu explaining the menu. Photo by Jude Bacalso

Oftentimes, I see myself admiring the pages of a menu. I am always in awe of how it looks, the amount of effort put into it, and of course, the dishes that made the ‘cut.’

For me, a menu, is not just a piece of paper. A menu foretells a story of a gustatory journey that represents the crazy, rich textures of every kitchen. 

ICONIC MENU. Osia's iconic set menu gave us a delightful dining experience to remember.

Aside from the attractions, Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore is known for its strip of delectable indulgence that features local and international flavors. Not to mention a number of Michelin-starred restaurants (congrats, Table 65!) that offer a variety of sensational dishes perfect for any day craving. Are they worth it? For a kuripot like me, I’d say, of course YES! 

A recent trip to Singapore, through the initiative of Resorts World Sentosa (thank you, ‘Mr. CEO’ Jonathan Yu) brought me to the steps of OSIA (o-sya) Steak & Seafood Grill. Located inside the bustling RWS compound, Osia serves some of the cleanest and palate-indulging dishes you will ever come across with. 

Known for its delectable and savoury rare Australian meats, this Michelin-starred restaurant (2017, 2018) has a unique way of marrying flavors without overpowering one after the other. It’s not often that I encounter dining places that allow the palate to taste every bit of ingredients used. Osia made me smile like a happy kid inside a candy store — satisfying a curious palate is truly comforting. 

First on the menu was the most intriguing salmon ceviche I have ever tasted. Served with fennel pernod cream, compressed cucumber, salted lemon, and green apple gel, every bite exploded with layers of flavors. Fascinatingly, there was no fishy taste to the salmon. Was I happy? YES! But I wonder how it would taste if the salmon had that strong smoky fishy taste. 

Their tomato broth will have you curious in an instant. Served with pieces of super soft sweet shrimp, scallop, and snow pea, the broth is poured on the bowl as served. Classic case of heightened excitement — it truly was! 

If the salmon ceviche had an impressive clean palate taste, this broth is bursting with flavors. The shrimp melts like butter thus adding another layer of sumptuous goodness. The scallop provides a hint of sea that pairs well with the tomatoes in the broth. And the pea? That undeniable crunch is a super fly addition to the whole dish. 

Tomato Broth with sweet shrimp, scallop and sweet pea

Main course came in lamb or fish — I opted for the roasted lamb loin & collar. The lamb was evenly cooked and had that rich meaty taste a carnivore (like me) looks forward to. It was served with dukkah (an Egyptian condiment consisting of herbs, spices, and nuts), smoked eggplant (which by the way added some interesting texture to the meat), apple mint jelly, cucumber yoghurt, and black garlic onion sauce. In a nutshell, everything on the plate, especially the combination of lamb and eggplant, makes for an orgasmic palate experience. Kudos to the flavor pairings indeed! 

ROASTED LAMB LOIN & COLLAR served with dukkah, smoked eggplant, apple mint jelly, cucumber yoghurt and black garlic onion sauce

What better way to end the meal than with an uber interesting dessert that only Osia can deliver. 

Hot chocolate soup which was served with black pepper ice cream and sesame crust was the epitome of indulgence in every bite. The rich chocolate soup paired with the cold ice cream created a symphony of flavors, textures, and depth. What I did was I poured a bit of the ice cream to the hot syrup, tempered the chocolate, and added the rest of the ice cream — was I happy? Let’s just say it was the best post-heartache indulgence ever! 

HOT CHOCOLATE SYRUP, black pepper ice cream and sesame crust

The hardest decision that night -- to go distilled or sparkling.

In all, the curated meal not only made our tummies growl with glee but more so gave us another reason to love Resorts World Sentosa and Singapore even more. The conversation over the table, the company, and the food truly left a lasting impression. 

Osia, thank you for teaching us to appreciate food even more. To the chefs and kitchen brigade, kudos for a night of everlasting palate indulgence. 

Sous Chef Michael Angelo of Osia

Osia and Chef Scott Webster 
Osia has a unique epistemology — from the words ‘ocean’ (link between Australia and Asia) and ‘Australia’ (Chef Scott Webster’s hometown).

Chef Scott Webster, the powerhouse name behind the Australian Culinary Consultants (ACC), is the brain behind this fancy yet relatable dining place.

Osia first opened in London in 2003. Sadly, he had to shut it down just three years after its opening — Webster returned to Australia due to his mother's failing health and him needing two hip replacements.

Years after, Webster still got his kitchen flare game on and saw an opportunity to open Osia again — now in Singapore. The rebirth saw him playing with ingredients, textures and tastes that showcase his eternal love for the culinary realm.