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Davao del Norte rivalry heats up

February 26, 2019 - Tuesday 1:02 PM by Funny Pearl A. Gajunera

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The political rivalry between Davao del Norte Representatives Antonio ‘Tony Boy’ Floirendo and Pantaleon Alvarez is expected to get hotter during this year’s election season.

In a statement, Floirendo said it is impossible for him and Alvarez to reconcile and be friends again after the squabble  that led to zero funding for Floirendo’s projects in Davao del Norte.

“There are stories coming out that our fight is just a staged one. That is the most impossible thing that can happen,” he said.

“If I was the only one who was hurt, then maybe it is possible, but my family got involved and he hurt them as well. That is a different matter,” he added.

The rivals have been pointing fingers against each other since their fight was publicized.

While Floirendo blamed Alvarez for all the wrong information that came out, Alvarez also blamed Floirendo for the accusations that he has a multi-million-peso property in Siargao.

Alvarez said he knows that the information that he has acquired several properties in Siargao amounting to P500 million came from Floirendo.

“If they think I violated a law, the anti-corruption act, then, they should file a case, but he (Floirendo) should be the complainant himself. I never hid when I filed a case against him in the Ombudsman,” Alvarez said.

Floirendo denied the allegations and said he only found out about Alvarez’s alleged properties in Siargao through the media.