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Durian prices to drop to P50 during Kadayawan

July 09, 2019 - Tuesday 11:07 AM by Ruth Palo

Article Banner Image Photo by Jim Teo on Unsplash

DAVAO CITY -- Expect the prices of durian to stay in the P50 to P60 range per kilo during the Kadayawan Festival next month because of lower but stable production supply.

Speaking to reporters at the Kapehan sa Davao at SM City Davao on Monday, Davao Durian Industry Development Council president Candelario "Larry" Miculob said the volume of durian production this year is expected to be lower due to the long dry spell last year and the first quarter of this year, which caused durian flowers to fall from the trees.

Miculob said there would be a reduction of durian produced in the city by 30-40 percent from a total yield of 24 metric tons in 2018.

Currently, durian street price is at P150-P250 per kilo. As the Kadayawan festival nears, he said this would probably be at P50-P60 per kilo because of stable production supply.

In previous years, durian prices have reached lows of P20 per kilo due to oversupply.

Miculob gave assurance of abundant supply of other fruits during the month-long celebration of Kadayawan Festival next month like mangosteen, lanzones, and rambutan.

Miculob said the Durian Council Association in Davao City is again staging a month-long Kadayawan Durian Festival starting on August 1, 2019 at SM Lanang.

Meanwhile, Miculob said the Council expects the Durian 500 project of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Davao City Agriculturist Office (DCAO) to help meet the increasing foreign and local demand for the fruit.

He said the 500-hectare durian farm expansion in Baguio District here will help increase the productivity of durian not only in the city but also in the region.

He said the farm can accommodate around 78,000 durian trees. The DA and DCAO provided the seedlings, training, and marketing assistance to the local farmers.

Miculob said planted seedlings would take four to five years to bear fruit. 

Currently, Davao Region has 6,000 hectares of durian farm that can produce around 40 tons. Half of this are from Davao City’ durian production.

With the expansion, Miculob is optimistic the local durian industry could be revitalized and address the huge demand in both local and export markets.

Baguio District is one of the highly suitable areas for durian plantation due to its climate and rich volcanic soil.

The council is looking at other potential new planting areas in Paquibato, Calinan, Tugbok, Toril, and portions of Marilog District.