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Duterte seals fate of Kapa, calls Apolinario a ‘swindler’

June 14, 2019 - Friday 11:06 AM by Jon Joaquin, MindaNews

Article Banner Image TRUST ME. “Ayaw mo ana because ang Kapa ra ba is a continuing crime ,” President Rodrigo Duterte says in his speech at the Lagao Gymnasium in General Santos City -- around 10 kilometers away from where Kapa members were holding a rally. Duterte photo by Joey Dalumpines/Presidential Photo; crowd photo by Bong S. Sarmiento/MindaNews

DAVAO CITY -- President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday sealed the fate of Kapa Community Ministry International, Inc. when he reiterated his order to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to close down its operation and arrest those who are leading it.

Speaking at the Lagao Gymnasium in General Santos City during the distribution of Certificates of Land Ownership Awards (CLOAs) to Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries in Region 12, Duterte called Kapa founder Joel Apolinario a “swindler” despite being a pastor.

Pastor kang mangilad ka. Bantay ka lang. Bantay ka lang (You are a pastor and yet you are a swindler. You watch out. You watch out),” Duterte said in an expletive-riddled speech.

About 10 kilometers away at the Antonio Acharon Sports Complex also in General Santos City, around 100,000 members of Kapa were staging a rally where they were told an entirely different story by Apolinario himself.

“Kapa’s operation is now fine with Duterte,” Apolinario told the crowd.

Kapa members hold a rally Thursday (June 13, 2019) at the Antonio Acharon Sports Complex in Barangay Calumpang, General Santos City. MindaNews photo by BONG S. SARMIENTO

He also praised Duterte and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte during his brief appearance at the rally.

The Kapa members had been anticipating good news from Apolinario because he had said earlier in the day that Duterte wanted to meet him in Davao City to discuss the controversy.

Continuing crime

Duterte, however, advised the people not to get involved with Kapa especially since its operations are a “continuing crime.”

Ayaw lagi mo ana. Ayaw mo ana because ang Kapa ra ba is a continuing crime. Hangtod karon sige lang gihapon sila, ang uban nilang mga branches,” he said in his speech.

(Don’t get into that. Don’t get into that because Kapa is a continuing crime. Until now they are still doing it. Some of their branches are still operating.)

He reiterated his order to the NBI and PNP, given on June 7 in an cable TV interview with televangelist Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in Davao City, to arrest those leading Kapa.

Ang akong giingon sa NBI ug sa pulis, dakpa. Kay ang estafa sa atong balaod nga gihimo sa Congress, large scale estafa is non-bailable. Dili ka maka-piyansa,” he said.

(I ordered the police and the NBI to arrest them because large scale estafa, under the law created by Congress, is non-bailable. You cannot post bail.)

Duterte also warned Kapa members that if their names appear in the documents as benefactors or sponsors, they could be arrested.

Kamong tanan naa sa Kapa, mogawas gani ng inyong ngalan diha sa mga papel unya murag benefactor, sponsor, pagbantay mo. Kay maaresto gani mo, wala gyud nay…,” he said.

(All of you from Kapa, if your name is there in the list as benefactor or sponsor, you watch out because once you are arrested, [you can’t post bail].)

‘Trust me’

As for members who stand to lose money, Duterte could only offer sympathy.

Mao diha. So ambot la'g mauli pa ba na. Pero kadtong nakuhaan na'g dako sa Kapa (So that’s it. I don’t know if it’s possible to return all of that to them. But those who gave a lot of money to Kapa), I'm sorry. The operation will be stopped or shall stop immediately,” he said.

Duterte asked for the Kapa members’ trust because he only wants to keep them away from financial harm.

Tuo lang mo nako. Tuo lang mo nako. Para na sa inyong kaayuhan (Trust me. Just trust me. This is for your own good),” he said.

Sa kadaotan, mubadlong gyud ko kay in the first place, naay balaod. Ika-duha it’s too good to be true. Ang tanang bangko, three, four percent lang per annum. Og muingon siya iuli niya iyang kwarta sunod buwan, per month, double the money, ilad na tanan,” he added.

(If it’s destructive, I would really prohibit you because in the first place, there is a law. Second, it is too good to be true. All the banks offer only three or four percent per annum. If they promise to return your investment or double your investment after one month, it’s a scam.)

President Rodrigo Duterte was in General Santos City on January 13, 2019 to lead the distribution of Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOAs) to Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) at the Lagao Gymnasium. Assisting the President is Agrarian Reform Secretary John Castriciones. ARMAN BAYLON/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO

‘Watch out’

But while he was sympathetic to Kapa members, Duterte had choice words when it came to Apolinario.

Iyong impiyerno nagahuwat sa imo. T*** i** ka, pastor kang mangilad ka. Bantay ka lang. Bantay ka lang,” he said.

(Hell is waiting foryou. You s** of a b****, you are a pastor and yet you are a swindler. You watch out. You watch out.)

He also threatened to make Apolinario swallow his own dentures.

Unsa man na iyang pustiso? Tinuod o --- ang iyang ngipon, pustiso o tinood? Ipakaon ko na sa iya (Are those dentures or are his teeth real? I’ll make him swallow it),” he said.