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Eleazar vows to axe unit commanders

September 24, 2019 - Tuesday 9:09 PM by MDM

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National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) regional director Police Major General Guillermo Eleazar warned unit commanders that they will be relieved of their position if any of their personnel are caught being involved in illegal drugs.
In a statement, Eleazar reiterated his “one-strike policy” both within and outside the NCRPO’s Drug Enforcement Units.
“One miss of any of your men you are out including your unit commander,” he said.
Eleazar said he had already relieved some commanders before because of command responsibility “and I will not hesitate to do so again if need be.”
He directed the unit commanders to monitor their personnel and take note of any dubious behavior or change in lifestyle “so you won’t get burned as commander.”
“Lest our countrymen get misled and lest our police force in the NCRPO forget, I am reminding everyone that when I was newly assigned in QCPD (Quezon City Police District) I relieved all the men assigned in the Drug Enforcement Unit of the District as well as those in their respective stations,” he said.
He said he relieved around 470 police officers “because I could not accept that these men have not been contaminated by the drug corruption disease in the DEU’s.”
Eleazar released the statement to address the issue of alleged drug recycling by rogue cops which has been raised again in the past days.
“While I have denied and stated that it is not a prevalent practice anymore, I have also said that this may still probably exist, but in isolated cases and not rampant as alleged,” he said.
Eleazar said he had visited Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director Aaron Aquino to ask for the list of the seven police officers allegedly recycling drugs to supply a drug queen.
“We cleared the air of any misunderstanding and committed to continue to work together for the good of our country,” he said, adding he was grateful that Aquino gave him the names of the seven police scalawags in his list.
Eleazar said he and Aquino had the same names in their respective lists, of which two have been dead for some time.
He said another two have been dismissed,  one was retired, and two names pertained to one person.
In all cases, he said, the persons in question were no longer police officers.
Still, Eleazar said there are alleged scalawags who remain unidentified by both the NCRPO and PDEA.
“I have often stated and state here again that we consistently monitor our ranks and watch out for ugly practices of our men,” he said.
“We have dealt with rogue cops severely, not only with drug recycling practices but also in other drug related malpractices such as hulidaps and kidnap-for-ransom case and we shall continue to do so with the relentless intent to dismiss these evil men from the PNP and put them in jail for a long time,” he added.
Eleazar also noted that Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año and Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief General Oscar Albayalde have both said the allegations of rampant drug recycling by police officers are unfounded.