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Elysia Wellness Spa: Premium spa-cation in the metro

January 31, 2020 - Friday 6:01 PM by Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto

Article Banner Image Cherry Faye Al-ag,General Manager of Elysia Wellness Spa, Bryan Lasala General Manager Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, Councilor Wilberto Al-ag and Dr. Bernie Al-Ag, CEO Al-ag Group of Companies

A good massage is not just a luxury -- it is a way of life. And for many of us who lead a fast paced life, any form of massage deserves a ‘best day ever’ badge.
“At Elysia Wellness Spa, we have ‘hands that heal and hearts that care,’” Elysia Wellness Spa general manager Cherry Faye Al-ag said during the opening and dedication of their ninth branch at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao on January 11, 2020.
Part of the Al-ag Group of Companies, Elysia Wellness Spa is a homegrown social enterprise company that creates jobs in the wellness sector through massage and spa services. The company aims to serve families, value conscious individuals, and organizations while at the same time promote Filipinos and its excellent brand of quality service.
Inspired by their own journey of the life of the owner’s special child, Bernadine Elysia Al-ag, ELYSIA became the name of the business that combines helping and caring. Elysia means blissful happiness. 

The ever beautiful Cherry Faye B. Al-ag (Photo from Elysia Wellness Spa) 

Founded and managed by Cherry Faye and her husband Dr. Bernard Al-ag, the healing and caring hands of Elysia began working its magic in September 2013.
“With our goal of providing a sustainable and uplifting form of helping and contributing to our community, we organized a group of six women and had them go through a training on massage. It did not end there,” Al-ag explained. “The first branch of ELysia Wellness Spa was set up on September 20, 2013 so that after their training, they would have a place where they could apply what they have learned and start earning,” she added.  

Dr. Bernie Al-Ag, CEO Al-ag Group of Companies during the opening and dedication of Elysia Wellness Spa at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao last January 11, 2020. (Photo from Elysia Wellness Spa) 

To date, Elysia Wellness Spa offers the following services: Elysia Signature Massage, Elysia Filipino Massage, Elysia Dry Massage, Elysia Foot Massage, Elysia Swedish Massage (add-on options: hot stone, ventosa/cupping, and bamboo), and Foot Care Package. It also offers off-site services in homes, hotels, out of town functions, and at events (like conventions, exhibits, trade shows, and company events).
With the new year, Elysia opened not one but three branches across the city. This is to further expand their services and yes, heal and care for more people who sometimes forget about relaxing and self-care. They opened at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, Blue Lotus Hotel, and Grand Regal Hotel.

Some of the staff members of Elysia Wellness Spa 

Despite the numerous branches and applause from consumers, Al-ag said they are not stopping in terms of innovation and what will work well with their patrons. For Al-ag, it remains their goal to continue promoting wellness amongst the people of Davao and tourists and at the same time provide decent work for those who want to make a living. The company (and the group of companies) wants to remain profitable so it can continue to help more people.
Elysia Wellness Spa has some of the most beautiful and hardworking mothers (mostly single mothers) and young people (those who want to send themselves to school but have no money) help them in their journey.
“We are around 100 women and men from diverse backgrounds and stories. From the position of Massage Therapists, some have moved to becoming Trainers, Supervisors and Managers,” Al-ag shared.
According to Al-ag, their team members are trained in international spa standards through the PUM Netherlands Senior Experts Program.
Elysia Wellness Spa is also a recipient of the Certified Guest Service Professional, Certified Hospitality Supervisor training by the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the Filipino Brand of Service through the Department of Tourism (DOT).