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Estafa complaint filed vs Manila City councilor - Last of two parts

January 13, 2020 - Monday 6:01 PM by Ruth Palo

Article Banner Image ‘USELESS.’ in this photo taken on November 28, 2019 in Barangay Communal, Davao City, special envoy to China William Lima shows evidence to NBI personnel of alleged defective and useless medical equipment delivered to him. Read Part Two of the story on an estafa case filed by Lima against a former Manila City Councilor and two others. Story on Page 2. ARJOY M. CENIZA

DAVAO CITY -- (Continued from yesterday) On May 16, 2018, Lima made another deposit of P10 million to the account of WMR-Philippine National Business and Coordination Center Foundation, Inc. (WMR-PNBCCFI) representing deliveries of another ten container vans of medical equipment, machines, and supplies.

“This order is actually the second batch. The respondents then issued Official Receipt as proof of payment,” the affidavit read.

On May 24,2018, the complainant and respondents signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in Manila where respondents signed on behalf of WMR-PNBCCFI).

“In the said MOA, WMR was represented by its President George Samson, while WMR-PNBCCFI was represented by its ambassador of Health Dr. David Lee Zarate,” the complaint said.

Philippines’ Food and Drug Administration personnel look over alleged expired medicines inside the NBI Davao Office on Noviembre 29, 2019. ARJOY M. CENIZA

Yalung and Ang were also present and signed the MOA as witnesses.

For the second batch of ten container vans, four vans arrived in the Philippines and passed through Bureau of Customs (BOC) some time in September 2018.

The vans were actually brought to a yard in Manila where they opened and stripped of their contents and transferred to other local container vans before being brought to Davao City on September 20, 2018.

However, only three container vans arrived in the city without packing list and the contents was not even half-full compared to the x-ray images from the BOC, according to the affidavit.

Upon inspection of the vans, the alleged high-value medical supplies and equipment were either valueless (medical waste) or required major repair, the complaint read.

Special envoy to China William Lima (right) watches as personnel of the Philippines’ Food and Drug Administration look over alleged expired medicines inside the NBI Davao Office on Noviembre 29, 2019. ARJOY M. CENIZA

“It was later discovered that the brokers and forwarders of the respondents stripped the container van without authority from the complainant,” the complaint-affidavit read.

The remaining six container vans from the second batch no longer arrived in the country, prompting the complainant to write a demand letter to Zarate.

Lima informed Zarate in his letter dated October 2, 2018 of the latter’s mishandling and mismanagement of the shipment and delivery of the containers.

Lima demanded the respondents to revoke, cancel, or terminate the deed of donation dated September 2018 effective immediately, and return of the amount of P10 million with legal interest until full payment of the amount.

Zarate, meanwhile, informed Lima in October 2019 of his intention to settle the amount of P10 million for the second batch of ten container vans, by way of donation,  of anti-cancer medicines.

Zarate said the anti-cancer medicines he had delivered to Lima had a total worth of around P37 million.

Lima, however, said he found out that the anti-cancer medicines delivered by respondent has not been registered with the Philippine’s Bureau Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Mirror learned that the NBI found out that all container van deliveries had no clearance import tax exemption from the Department of Finance, neither BOC Tax payments have been submitted by WMR for the importation of the container vans.

It was learned that all deeds of donations that have been accompanied by the Philippine Consular Notarization (red ribbon) were believed to be fake or spurious.

The complaint-affidavit further stated that most if not all contents of the container vans previously delivered are believed to be medical waste.

The NBI-Davao provided the hotline number (082)227-5070 and email address nbisemrodavao@gmail.com for other hospitals/donees who have received unusable medical equipment or supplies from WMR to file a complaint.