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Get to know the 11 tribes’ way of life

August 15, 2019 - Thursday 2:08 PM by Funny Pearl A. Gajunera

Article Banner Image RITUAL. Ata tribe on house rituals. ARJOY M. CENIZA

DAVAO CITY -- The Tribal Village at the Magsaysay Park continues to draw Davaoeños and visitors to get a glimpse of the 11 tribes' way of life.

The Tribal Village, which has been open year-round since 2017, has been given a fresh look with renovated tribal houses for this year's Kadayawan Festival.

"For this year, we renovated the houses. Everything is just the same, we just try to improve it every year. The Tribal Village has become a tourist spot," said Gene Rose Tecson, the chief of the City Tourism and Operations Office (CTOO).

She said the renovation was done by each tribe represented in the village. Each group received a budget ranging from P150,000 to P250,000.

"They have different budgets because the materials used for the construction of the lumad houses are cheaper compared to the materials used for the Moro houses," Tecson explained.

Every year, the tribes improve  their houses as part of their culture.

Rovelyn Ali Bontilao, who is in charge of the Ata tribe’s house, said this year they innovated their house based on their daily living.

"We put a dirty kitchen to reflect how we really live in the mountain. A chair is also placed near the stairs as part of our culture," she said.

Alvin Nasib, one of the artists of the Maranao tribe, said the inspiration of their house is to showcase how peace-loving the tribe is.

"Because of what happened in Marawi, it reflects a bad image in Maranao. We now appeal to the people through our tribal house that we, the Maranaos, are peace loving individuals," he said, referring to the siege in Marawi City in 2017.

Joyce Abril from Kidapawan City said the Tribal Village reflects the unity of the 11 tribes where the Lumads and Muslims show love and care for their fellow Davaoeños.

"It fascinates me how they unite together, there is no signs of hatred only friendship. This really reflects how united Davaoeños are," she said.