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Glamping: A quick cure for the harried life

January 02, 2019 - Wednesday 6:01 PM by Li-An Dela Cruz Busto

Getting the best view of Baler’s sunrise on beanies and couches

Weekends and holidays are like gems to harried people like me. I treasure them like jewels as a respite from the madness of the daily grind.

The Andres Bonifacio Day last November 30, became such an opportunity for a long weekend. I had planned on vegging out and binge-watching my favourite Netflix series. But my sister changed this when she asked me if I would allow my son to go “glamping” with her and her two sons in Baler, Aurora, a six-hour drive from Manila.

The word “glamping,” sounded new to me, but it immediately piqued my interest as the term was curiously appealing. And so I surfed the net to know more about it and I learned that it was the “in” thing these days.

Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping, which describes a style of camping with amenities of a hotel or resort.  At some glamping sites, you even get to have your own butler.  Glamping is communing with nature in a tent without the discomfort of a traditional, roughing-it-out camping. Others describe it as a five -star experience under the canvas, because there is even an option for an air-conditioned tent!

As we drove off to Baler, I was fervently hoping above all things that there would be a pleasant and tolerable toilet and bath at the site. I can somehow deal with a humid environment, the possible insects, no electricity, or spare diet even, but please just give me a tolerable bath or comfort room then I will be fine.

It took us almost eight hours to get to the location — Charlie’s Point or Easy Adventure (if you want to search for it). The trip was exhausting. But the even-tempered atmosphere pretty much made up for it. It brought a lot of childhood memories when I, my siblings and cousins used to go to our grandparents farms in Kidapawan, Cotabato.

Farm-to-table and affordable grub at the camp site.

We were fortunate to be in this quiet place. Given the long weekend, there were very only four other guests apart from our group of eight; and that helped us appreciate the place even more than we expected.

It was the typical description of the good farm life—serene and simple. The staff were genuinely nice and would always go the extra-mile to accommodate guests.  The tents were impressive and could comfortably accommodate 3-4 people and what not, we were lucky to be among the first guests to use the sturdy tents that were just recently flown in from abroad.

The author having her time in the trendy hammock.

Our three days stay at Easy Adventure made us realise we were missing the simple joys of being one with nature, and going back to almost the basics. In our glamping, we could stay all day on an elevated platform (that could alternate as a yoga area) with huge couch and beanies and just lie down to bask in the sun or perhaps stare at the stars at night. In the mornings, we can while our time lounging in their fashionable hammocks, kayaking, playing board games or just going around the camp-farm site itself. And oh, the children did not get bored because the campsite has wooaah—WiFi. There is just much to do, guests can even go to the camp’s vegetable nursery where they grow their own produce which they serve the guests. It is also fascinating to move around the campsite using LED Coleman lamps. Of course, my absolute prerequisite—the bathroom and toilets were modern and rustic at the same time; and were amazingly clean.

For surfers and surfer-wannabes, surfing in the waters of Sabang Beach in Baler is a breeze as it is just a stone’s throw away from the campsite. Luckily for us we went during the peak surfing season in Baler whch is September to March!

Lorenzo, the writer’s son, getts techniques from his surfing instructor before catching the waves.

 No wonder, so many people are willing to trade their urban life in Manila for simple and tranquil living in Baler in an instant.  After all, the chirping of the birds, clucking of the hens, and the crashing of the waves are definitely soothing sounds to our ears.

Glamping, I must say, is one big, quick cure for the harried life.

The writer and her sister Lala pose by their glam canvas.