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Holy Child School suspends classes due to chickenpox

December 09, 2019 - Monday 6:12 PM by Funny Pearl A. Gajunera

Article Banner Image Holy Child College of Davao

DAVAO CITY -- The Holy Child School of Davao College has suspended its classes for a week from Monday, December 9, until Friday, December 13, due to a chickenpox outbreak that affected at least 10 elementary school students/

Holy Child School of Davao College board member Leo Brian Leuterio said the administration decided to suspend classes to prevent the virus from further spreading.

Leuterio said the decision was arrived at in a meeting the board conducted with the school’s medical team.

“We don’t want the virus to further spread. We are afraid that those who are in the primary level will be affected,” he said.

“We want to sterilize the school for a while to ensure that the other students will not be affected,” he added.

City Health Office head Dr. Josephine Villafuerte commended the Holy Child administration for its decision.

“It is just right because it can spread. It is better that we let the children who were affected to heal in their houses,” she said.

Villafuerte said the chickenpox virus spreads during the time a patient is healing.

At the same time, she said there is nothing to be afraid of since it is normal for a person to have chickenpox.