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Hoping for Digong’s voters to step up anew

May 13, 2019 - Monday 4:05 AM by Jimmy Laking

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The Commission on Elections has listed 62 candidates for the 12 senatorial slates at hand.

That’s quite an impressive list to choose from. Whom to pick? With the Church’ No. 1 guideline on lifestyle to consider, I am afraid many in that list will fail the test.

The guideline says that the candidate’s lifestyle must be simple and not lavish. If lavish, the implication is that he cannot advocate the concerns of the many that are poor.

Indeed, with the exception of a handful, most on the list are relatively affluent or well-heeled and well-traveled. Yet despite this guideline why do I have the feeling that the filthy few will amass more votes than Dr. Willie Ong or Bong Mangudadatu?

First, maybe the Filipino voter is tantalized by clowns who have stuck barnacle-like to Philippine politics in the past decades, feasting on the treasury and playing on the gullibility of the citizenry. Without them to salve his ego, the Filipino voter is lost.

Second, the Filipino voter must be of short memory to simply gloss over the fact that several in the list were charged, jailed, or are still facing cases of plunder. In short, they do not deserve to be there but why bother? It always takes two to tango and the Filipino voter does not seem to mind being an accessory to the anomaly.

Third, maybe the Filipino voter is afflicted with the tendency to inflict self-harm by summoning time and again to power the kind that prolong his poverty and misery. The analogy is that of someone picking up a stone to smash his head with and that is what the Filipino voter seemed to be good at.

The only time the Filipino voter vindicated himself was when he voted overwhelmingly for Digong to be Philippine President. This was a heroic act that stands out as the stuff of legend. But there was nothing heroic in empowering legislators and LGU officials who looked at the Philippine government and its treasury as objects of plunder.

I am looking to the kind of voter who voted for Digong to go the whole hog in providing him the people that would be able to sustain his programs even after he steps down from office in 2022, from the senate down to the LGUs. This, I hope, would be the day.


As expected, the Golden State Warriors dominated the Houston Rockets to punch their ticket straight to the western conference finals. No one doubted the Warriors can do it. This team is stacked lock, stock and barrel to preside over a dynasty and there is not a team out there that can match up with it its explosive line-up on any given day.

Game 6 was a typical day. Even without Kevin Durant in the line-up, the Warriors were not worried a bit.  With Durant out, Steve Kerr simply called Steph Curry’s number and his superstar responded with an epic performance that overpowered the Rockets in their own court.

In the post mortem, even James Harden of the Rockets conceded the GSW as a great team.

Now all the Warriors need to do is to watch who between the Portland Trailblazers and Denver Nuggets will they face in the western conference finals.

In the eastern conference as we write these lines, the score is tied 3-3 between the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Denver Nuggets vs. the Portland Blazers. All four teams are hungry for a title and they look every inch of it. Each team is capable of winning the conference title.

But going the whole hog against the Warriors would be another matter. Whoever will contend will have to play more than the Warriors with all guns blazing, with all cylinders running. If not, the title stays with the Warriors for another year that is.