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IT DAWNED ON ME: Election fearless forecast

January 09, 2019 - Wednesday 4:01 PM by Richard Mata

Election is on May 13, 2019.

It’s just a few months away and yet President Duterte still has the majority with him.

The December 16-19, 2018 survey found that 74 percent of adult Filipinos were satisfied with Duterte's performance, while only 15 percent were dissatisfied. The other 11 percent meanwhile were undecided.

There are only a few who are not for him and of those 15% many of course will say that they are not really yellow.

So yellow magic has really disappeared and that is their problem. Election is near and the only magic there is is the Duterte magic!

I can bet that if Bam has a different family name, he will be doing a balimbing act to save his ass! But poor him, he is an Aquino.

Next month starts the campaign period. There will be many campaign slogans, posters and videos for every candidate. These plus all the funny memes that netizens will create for different politicians. What’s the effect of this? All efforts to damage Duterte will be drowned by all the campaign stuff.

Even when there was no competition on the airways, Trillanes, Kiko, Drilon, Sison, priests and all other detractors failed to put him down. For sure they can not put him down with all this campaign noise now.

What’s my point? At the end of it all, it’s who Duterte will endorse who will get great points in this election. If they can not damage him, all their campaigns for themselves will just go to waste.

So goodbye opposition!

For people outside Davao, you may have no idea how Duterte endorses his councilors before. They always won landslide.

If there’s one talent Duterte has, it’s his speech. Many may disagree because of his heavy accent or because of foul words, but if you visit him during an event, try to observe.

Observe how people react, how people laugh, how they are brought into tears. If you can get to their emotions, you can get to their hearts. Science knows that. Duterte knows that.

Can I give you a person with the same level of speaking power as his now? I can’t. There’s no one! Everybody sleeps after a few minutes when they speak!

It’s unavoidable that people copy his style. But you know, only Duterte can do a “Duterte speech.” All the rest sound awkward.

Therefore, the biggest determining factor this election is still Duterte for the 2019 and even the 2022 elections.