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Japanese investors eye DLI’s Anflo Industrial Estate

October 08, 2019 - Tuesday 4:10 PM by Judy Quiros

Article Banner Image The visiting Japanese investors pose with DLI head Ricardo Lagdameo at the Davao International Container Terminal, Inc. (DICT) which is one of the most modern container port terminals in the Philippines. It is a joint venture between the Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (ANFLOCOR) and Dole-Stanfilco, the leading producers and exporters of fresh Cavendish bananas in the Philippines.

A group of Japanese investors visited Damosa Land, Inc.’s premier 63-hectare Anflo Industrial Estate (AIE) in Panabo, Davao del Norte on Friday, October 4, to explore possibilities of locating in the area to establish operations.

The group formed part of the 150 representatives of different Japanese companies who attended the three-day Davao Japanese Community’s 100th Anniversary Business Seminar in Davao City.

DLI Head Ricardo F. Lagdameo briefs Japanese investors on the Anflo Industrial Estate prior an ocular inspection of the vast area.

DLI Head Ricardo F. Lagdameo briefed the visiting Japanese investors about the Floirendo-owned AIE, which is currently the only existing industrial park in Davao Region furnished with support facilities for manufacturing, warehousing, processing and exporting complete with world-class water and power systems, large spaces, and logistical networks.

The AIE has cornered 14 locators, both local and international and mostly concentrating on manufacturing business. The latest locator is Packwell, Inc., a Japanese company that manufactures paper-based packaging and containers. It has three large packaging factories in Japan and one in Shanghai, China.

Japanese investors have a business talk with DLI head Ricardo F. Lagdameo

Lagdameo said Packwell’s decision to establish operations at AIE will spark interest in other Japanese investors.

“Hopefully it (Packwell) will spur more interest. Just like with any other foreign company, when one company is set, at least they see it is easy to do business because there are opportunities here, so hopefully, they will follow each other,” Lagdameo said in an interview with reporters shortly after the Japanese investors’ site visit.

He also said they prefer manufacturing companies because AIE is inside the PEZA zone which primarily focuses on manufacturing and exporting businesses. 

Japanese investors take a look at the ready built-in warehouses of Anflo Industrial Estate.

In an interview, Chang Anqi of Packwell Inc. said the company has signed an agreement with DLI to acquire a 1.6 hectare lot at AIE to build a production facility. Construction of the building will start in November this year and will be completed by August or September next year.

She said they are targeting to produce one million hand-made boxes in a year and two million machine produced boxes in a year. They will be exporting to the Middle East, Europe and Japan.

She also said Packwell will be employing almost 200 workers from Davao and Mindanao.

Japanese Consul General Yoshiaki Miwa, who graced the 100th Anniversary Business Seminar, said manufacturing “will be the next big thing in Davao City, especially since several Japanese manufacturing firms are interested to venture in the city.”

"The manufacturing industry has a very wide range. We can start at a level that will match the level of industry in the city. We just have to create a strategy. I understand that the DCIPC (Davao City Investment Promotion Center) and DCCCII (Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.) know about this and are thinking about ways to accommodate the manufacturing sector," he said.

DLI head Ricardo F. Lagdameo chats with a Japanese investor.

The first phase of the AIE agro-industrial hub is composed of 22 hectares. It is offering both built-in warehouses for lease and lots for acquisition by potential Filipino and foreign investors.

Lagdameo said of the 15 built-in warehouses, 13 have already been taken. Currently, 90 percent of the first phase is already sold, with only three hectares and two built-in warehouses left.

Foreign locators include Chinese, American, Japanese and Dutch companies, while the rest are Filipino companies.

Specifically, the companies are Packwell, Davao Zhenzhi Plastics Corp., Manly Plastics, Inc. , First Panabo Tropical Foods, Del Monte Philippines, PhilDutch, Polymer, Inc. , Lane Holdings, Inc. Fermon Corp. Southern Harvest, Connovate, DICT, DAPACOR, Cameco Realty and Development Corp., and Pacific Manufacturing Resources. 

Chang Anqi of Sales of NITTO Company Limited answers media queries about Packwell, Inc. at the sidelines of the Japanese investors’ site visit to AIE.

“We still have enough land. We’re providing secure environment and infrastructure, power, water connections, sewage treatment, and transport terminal to bring the workers from the factory to the terminal,” Lagdameo said.

He said DLI is building 10 warehouses more and will be building two more phases of the industrial park consisting of about 30 hectares.

“Right now we are the only operational industrial park in the region, we’re lucky on that because when investors ask an area where thy can do manufacturing we’re on top of their mind,“ Lagdameo said.

He said the existing 14 locators are expected to generate more than a thousand jobs.

The Japanese investors’ group at the grounds of Anflo Industrial Estate