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Kirk Douglas takes a bow; Can Pomoy win the AGT?

February 12, 2020 - Wednesday 4:02 AM by Jimmy Laking

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To several generations of moviegoers, the passing of Kirk Douglas at age 104 signals the passing of an era of great movies portrayed by great actors and actresses.

Spartacus (1960), the movie where Douglas portrayed the role of a Roman slave who led a rebellion against Roman authorities, was a blockbuster.

I think I first saw the film in the 1980s and at least three more times on tape over the past 20 years.

If I am not mistaken there were several other productions on Spartacus, featuring other actors. But Kirk Douglas to my mind will remain the face of Spartacus, much as we remember Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley for the iconic songs that are still sung and interpreted to this day.

Those who are enamored of the American West will also remember Douglas as Doc Holiday in the film “Gunfight at the O.K Corral” where US Marshal Wyatt Earp and his brothers fought a gang of outlaws on October 26, 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona. It is a film that has since been remade and recast with new interesting twists.
By popular acclaim, Marcelito Pomoy is a hands-down choice as America’s Got Talent champion. There has never been someone like him: a performer who can sing in both a man and woman’s voice, in both baritone and tenor. The songs he’d been signing were also among the hardest.

Brent Furdyk of ETCanada said Pomoy’s vocal dexterity shone brightly in handling both the Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion parts of the “Beauty and the Beast” act for the AGT: Champions finals.

Furdyk said the performance dazzled the judges, quoting Heidi Kum as saying: “it never gets old…it’s like many voices inside of your body..”

Howie Mandel said Pomoy made the right choices on the right song. Alesha Dizon said the “song choice was perfect.” As usual, Simon Cowell was a puzzle, describing Pomoy’s song as predictable.

His rendition of the parts sung by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli in the song “The Prayer” was classic. Heidi Klum believed he was “out of this world.”

Yet there are doubts if Pomoy will win it all. The point we are getting that is that while Pomoy’s three songs at the AGT were out of this world, and while he appeared to have locked down the admiration of fans all over, the big question mark remains if America’s Got Talent would be willing to embrace an Asian as a champion, over a field dominated by Caucasians.
With the filing of a formal petition by Solicitor General Jose Calida for the Supreme Court to cancel the franchises of ABS-CBN on grounds of “highly-abusive practices,” the Philippine government has formally set the ball rolling for the judicious resolution of the issue.

This is called due process. In short, the Philippine government is giving the media establishment the chance to defend itself, the chance to make a clean breast of itself once and for all.

On the part of the complainant, this will provide it a venue to ventilate its issues against ABS-CBN, and to elaborate on the media firm’s perceived excesses.

Fair enough, if you ask me. It has nothing to do with press freedom or intimidation of media. It has something to do with a legitimate grievance from government itself. Let the High Court decide on its merits.