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Lady slaps a prankster on the street over a Prada hat

August 31, 2019 - Saturday 9:08 AM by MDM

Most of us give utmost importance to our belongings, especially when it’s something expensive.

Here’s viral video of a lady slapping a stranger on a street, proving that nobody should mess with people who wear Prada.

The video footage starts with a man on a hoverboard approaching a lady walking.

He grabs her black cap and attempts to run away from the lady.

She immediately notices the man wearing her cap and runs towards him.

“It’s a prank! it’s a prank!” the man repeatedly says as he sees the lady approaching him.

“Give that back, it’s Prada,” says the lady as she grabs her hat back from the prankster’s head and slaps him.

The prankster raises his hands in defeat and tells the lady that it’s a prank while pointing at the camera.

“Good. Did you get that on camera?” says the still agitated lady.