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Let the haunting begin

October 13, 2019 - Sunday 6:10 PM by Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto

Article Banner Image CLOWNED. The many faces of red-nose clown goodness inside Twisted Clown University.

16 scare nights, 5 haunted houses, 2 scare zones and 2 killer shows – don’t let the numbers fool you. Once you step inside Universal Studios Singapore’s (USS) Halloween Horror Nights 9 (HHN9), you’ll never look at Halloween the same way ever again.

Decked in the most horrific of designs, boo-tifully set-up to ignite a scare, USS turns into a haven of monsters and screams ready to frighten anyone brave enough to go through the whole scary ordeal.

Resorts World Sentosa’s annual scarefest lures not just the halloween fanatics but also anyone who loves a good scare. From screeches to screams to bouts of undeniable laughter, no one can escape being spooked inside any of the 5 haunted houses at this year’s #HHN9.

A word of caution: Most comfortable of clothes, bottle of water, a cooling fan and your biggest excess baggage – you’ll thank me later.

BEAUTIFUL TRAGEDY. An iconic statue located at one of the scare zones. Creepy!

Curse of the Naga
Scare level: You'll have an excuse to diss your ex inside! 

Conceptualized by the directors of Thai blockbuster horror films Shutter and 4bia, the Curse of the Naga is USS's first regional collaboration for a spooky original haunted house that will have you screaming at every turn.

Thai directors Parkpoom Wongpoom and Gunn Purijitpanya, together with Universal Studios Singapore’s creative teams, bring to life a haunted house that transports guests from the colorful streets of Bangkok to a lost village under the spell of the Naga (a snake spirit).

Scream and shout as every nook, cranny, and turn features an elaborate design of realistic special effects and decked-out characters that spring from all corners. This is Asian horror at its best!


Hell Block 9
Scare Level: Jumpy nightmare of TWD memories!
Come face to face with rotting prisoners, dishevelled from too much torture and disoriented from the outside world. Welcome to Hell Block 9!

If confined spaces is not your cup of tea, then you better hold on tight. Dare to manoeuvre through a dark, cramped, and grimy prison with a ton of screaming prisoners in agony, fear, and torture from merciless wardens whose aim is their gruesome death.

Non-stop screaming from start to end -- the house is filled with haunting distractions that shift into living nightmares popping out of nowhere. The shouts, banging and ghastly scene is more than enough to have you clinging on to the person in front of you.

Hell Block 9 is dark, eerie, and will have all your hair raising like crazy in an instant. This was the first house I visited and I ended up laughing from all the screaming inside. Figures!

FEED YOUR DARK SOUL. Scream and never look back.

Spirit Dolls
Scare Level: Daunting and creepy...not looking at dolls the same way again! 

Ever felt like someone is watching over you? This house will give you heaps of creeps! Being the last house I visited, their eyes was all I could think of even after I tucked myself to bed. In a hotel room. Alone.

Spirit Dolls is set in an abandoned village where the only inhabitants are, yes, you guessed it, silent dolls watching everyone’s movement.

A little back story – one night, an entire village was slaughtered by a vengeful evil doll. Their spirits were trapped inside life-sized, hand-stitched eerie looking dolls that were eventually left in the village. Fast forward, the village is now inhabited by the dolls.

Would you dare walk along a dark, bone-chilling path filled with dolls whose eyes never leave your sight? I did.


The Chalet Hauntings
Scare Level: Forget the poise... scream!!!!!

Say hello and expect a non-stop hair-raising welcome from some of the most iconic Southeast Asian ghosts under one roof! As you investigate the mysterious disappearance of five teenagers, prepare to scream your lungs out as you encounter some of their (and your) darkest fears – from the mischievous Toyol to the bloodthirsty Langsuir.

From illusions to mind tricks, the Chalet house is nothing like you've imagined. At every turn, you'd see frightful creatures, dressed to haunt you until you are able to sleep alone. Ohhh the whispers are still ringing in my ears!

Personally, I loved how eerie and dark this house was. Beautifully traumatic, that is.


ROCK OUT. Enjoy some haedbanging music and performances during the Death Fest Live -- a morbid metal procession of pure evil music.

Twisted Clown University
Scare Level: Urgh! Never going in again! 

Abandoned carnival and clowns -- not my fave scene...ever!

Twisted Clown University features remorseless clowns trained to wreak havoc in the outside world. These red nosed killers are forced into death defying acts like death puppetry, display of twistedly dismantled bodies and of course, tortured bloodied faces -- your laugh will quickly dissolve into screams of terror!

The best thing inside? You cannot distinguish the fake from the real ones ... until they jump at you. Oh the joy of seeing their red bloodshot eyes and bloodied face -- I must say, I had the best fun inside.

The author, together with a beautifully creepy lady in black, during the Halloween Horror Nights 9 in Singapore.

Scare Zones: Death End & Death Fest 

Walking alone has never been this fun with zombies, monsters, and hardcore death metal spirits jumping at you like crazy. HHN9’s scare zone will give your lungs a good pre and post house visit exercise.

Scare Shows: Death Fest Live and Skin & Bones

Hell-ariously funny, Skin & Bones will have you laughing like it’s not Halloween. On the other hand, rock star zombies and monsters will have you jumping and head banging to a morbid metal procession and concert during the Death Fest Live.

Halloween Horror Nights 9 begin haunting September 27 until October 31, 2019. Scaring hours: 7:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. (non-peak) and 7:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m. (peak)

Thank you Resorts World Sentosa and the ever gwapo Jonathan Yu (Senior Executive Communications) for spoiling us every single time. See you soonest! Cheers!