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Local Food Fave: Dod’s Ihaw-Ihaw

October 30, 2019 - Wednesday 6:10 PM by Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto

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Pure happiness need not be expensive; it need not be fancy, even. Pure happiness is when you feel posivity emanating from within and slowly forming into a smile. Same positivity I get whenever I eat.
Davao City is home to a variety of flavors. From home cooked meals to the more fancy ones, the city is decked with every gustatory craving satisfier you can think of. And there seems to be a new dining place opening every day.

Despite this, Dabawenyos always, always go back to the one that made them smile the most. One name reigns supereme -- Dod’s Ihaw-Ihaw Seafood Grill.

A true dining institution, Dod’s is one of the most sought after places in the city. Their clientele grew from simple bystanders to budget conscious students to working yuppies and now, to the more upscale diners. And that includes locals, visiting tourists, and just about anyone who knows what good food is.

Their first carinderia is located at Roxas Avenue corner Ponciano Street – by the rotonda. And if you happen to pass by, even to this day, you’d see that it’s always packed with diners.
“Nag-umpisa mi 2004 then tuloy-tuloy na,” Dod’s Felix said while manning the famous griller. 
Recently, Dod’s opened a new branch at Artiaga street.

“Ingon sila lami daw among tuna. Happy kaau mi kay na-appreciate sa mga tao,” Bing Felix said.

Aside from the grilled tuna, they also have a number of home cooked meals readily available on a daily basis. Indeed, Dod’s Ihaw-Ihaw is the total package. The food, the serving size, and the price are all on point. Whether you have a budget or craving to satisfy, it’s all worth it. In truth, their prices are cheap considering the quality of food they serve.

A bowl of sinampalukang kambing warrants a cup (or more!) of rice while the balbacua soup is better slurped than spooned. The sinuglaw is also a best seller that will have you ordering for another round.

With a new branch opening along Artiaga Street, expect more of the best from Dod’s Ihaw-Ihaw.