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Love and marriage

November 29, 2019 - Friday 4:11 AM by Eva Aranas Angel

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Last week I had the privilege of being one of the principal sponsors of a most anticipated, most beautiful wedding. All the principal sponsors, male and female, were present. No proxies. Many relatives and friends flew in from different cities of the country and from overseas. 

The bride is the only daughter of one of the more high profile personalities in Davao and Manila while the groom belongs to a family of diverse business entities, one or two subunits of which he manages.

Among the 12 female principal sponsors, I was chosen to give the message to the newly married couple, on behalf of the rest. I shall redact their names and just highlight the message. 

Here goes.

‘Perhaps many of you are wondering why I am here, speaking tonight. To make a long story short, there are friends, there’s family, and there are friends who become family. W’s family is one of them. It’s a bit anti-climactic because earlier Father E has already given an account of their love story. Consider this, for the lawyers in here, a corroborative evidence, or as the case may be, my giving you a preponderance of evidence.

I’d like to believe that I have been given a front row seat to the story of R and M. M.A.T.T is the travel agency that the family of M would book for their cruises. When R assumed the business after coming home reluctantly from working in the fashion industry in New York, her encounters with M became more frequent. Upon R’s admission she and M are polar opposites. She loves the night life while M would rather stay home. She’s outgoing, M is quiet. At one point, R consulted with me because a lot of people have been badgering her about not being married. But M hasn’t proposed yet. What I remember telling her was

1. Wait. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen and
2. ‘Always trust in God’s time because His time is always perfect.’

M and R, you have been raised well by parents who could very well be your role models. But let me give my two cents about my own marriage as Ted and I also started as polar opposites but somehow managed to make it work.

We only have two rules in the marriage, both of which were drafted and had notarized by Teddy. After all, he’s a lawyer.

Love is already a given and a constant. So, we add to that our formula.

1. If either of us know how to say sorry, in whatever argument, we’re going to be OK. We’re going to make it work.

2. If one is angry, the other should stay quiet. Do not fight fire with fire. Be Zen about it. Let the dust settle first because it is only through this that one can see things more clearly.

We were the couple who were voted ‘the most unlikely’ to succeed but with God as our guide, we’re looking to our 20th year.

M, you married a most wonderful woman -- a hardworking multi-tasker who manages her time so that she can squeeze in doctor appointments of her Mom and/or Dad with her as the bantay, make doctor appointments for their kasambahay and sales staff and accompany them. I haven’t seen an employer more caring. Imagine what she can do for her family.

I wish both of you all the best in your years together as husband and wife. Manage your expectations as no marriage is ever made in heaven. And if push comes to shove, may you never need to ‘sumbong’ to Tulfo.

Blessings and God bless us all.