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Makati bans drinking liquor outside residences

July 08, 2020 - Wednesday 7:07 PM by PNA

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MANILA – Residents of Makati City are prohibited from drinking liquor and other alcoholic beverages outside their houses whenever a state of calamity, public health crisis, and other related emergencies are declared in the city, Mayor Abigail Binay announced Tuesday.

The city council has approved Ordinance 2020-152, effective July 14, to prevent the further escalation of a crisis situation.

“We passed an ordinance last Friday wherein we are prohibiting the consumption of alcohol outside one's residence. Why? Because of an unfortunate incident that happened last week,” Binay said in an online GoNegosyo Forum.

She was referring to an incident involving the arrest of about 100 persons in a resto-bar for allegedly violating the government's quarantine measures and health protocols.

“We don’t want people to be complacent by partying, so we passed that ordinance. We are still limiting certain services for certain businesses,” Binay said, noting that many businesses in the city have begun operations during the more relaxed general community quarantine.

She said it is safer to drink liquor inside the house premises.

“Drinking in the confines of one’s own home is safer, but it’s best to avoid drinking altogether during a crisis,” Binay added.

The ordinance also bans drinking liquor in commercial establishments and stores where the products are purchased, she said.

Violators of the ordinance will be penalized with a fine amounting to PHP5,000 on the first offense, PHP5,000 for the second offense, and/or imprisonment for not more than one month.

For the third and succeeding offenses, a person will be penalized with the same amount and one year of imprisonment, at the discretion of the court.

Binay said tenants of hotels, motels, apartments, apartelles, bed-and-breakfast, transient houses, dormitories, and bed spaces are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages provided they drink inside their rooms.

Aside from the violators, the person who is in charge of the business establishment selling liquors will also be penalized, unless proven that the person tried to stop the violators from drinking the product within the store premises.

Meanwhile, Binay warned restaurant bars against hosting private dining and drinking parties for more than 10 people, which are "potential hotbeds" for spreading the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

She said she understood the need for businesses to earn and to continue operations during the pandemic but public health should not be compromised.

"I'm hoping that self-discipline and in good conscience, they (residents) will abide by the rules of the IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force on Covid-19)," Binay said. Lade Jean Kabagani