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Mandatory scanning of DQR code ordered in Davao City

January 22, 2021 - Friday 7:01 PM by Davao City Information Office

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All establishments and offices in Davao City must implement the scanning of the Safe Davao QR code of all individuals entering their premises starting on February 3, 2021.

The strict implementation of the Safe Davao QR code is mandated in Executive Order No. 02 released by City Hall on Thursday, January 21. 

“Based on the pilot testing, the system can now function for the purpose it was developed, thus, mandatory implementation of its use can now proceed,” Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said in her EO. 

Section 2 of the EO requires all individual offices and establishments to scan the DQR of the individuals entering their premises or post their establishment DQR ready for scanning by individuals, except the following establishments:

1) offices and establishments that are not enclosed or are not inside a structure with a roof and walls, for example, milk tea stall, ambulant vendor, lechon manok stand, sari-sari store, bakeshops, market (palengke) stall, etc. 

2) buildings that contain several offices or stores inside, such as malls, hospitals, commercial complexes, etc.

Other exceptions are individual stores and offices inside the buildings should be the ones that will scan the DQR.

Persons and establishments who have concerns about the DQR may contact helplines: 


Calls Only:

0915-661-7690, 0977-067-7976 and 0995-461-6400;

for GLOBE Text Only 0995-461-6402, 0995-461-6394 and 0977-067-7949; for SMART

Calls Only: 0961-750-3540 and

0961-071-7590; for SMART

Text Only:

0961-750-3541 and 0961-750-3542.

The full copy of EO 2 can be accessed here:

Based on data from the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Davao, around 1.8 million individuals have registered to the Safe Davao QR and 77,000 establishments listed. 

The Safe Davao QR has started sending a text message to individuals who were in the same time and place of a Covid-19 positive case based on case investigation.