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Marcoleta calls on House: probe ABS-CBN land title

July 29, 2020 - Wednesday 12:07 PM by MDM

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Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta of Sagip Party List has filed on July 22 House Resolution No. 1058 “mandating the appropriate committee of the House of Representatives, in aid of legislation, to inquire on the authenticity of the land title of ABS-CBN Corporation denominated as TCT No. 125702 (PR-9690).”

Marcoleta’s move was made “in the light of the policy recommendation of the technical working group as a consequence of the decision taken by the committee on legislative franchises on the franchise application of ABS-CBN Corporation.

In his resolution, he stated that “during the hearing of the franchise application” of ABS-CBN “ regarding the “reacquisition of its properties in 1986, the network presented as proof of the Mother Ignacia Property, a machine copy of the Owner’s Duplicate Certificate of Title, TCT No. 125702 (PR-9690).”

He described it as a “poor photocopy’ and requested a “certified electronic copy.” 

Marcoleta said he was able to get a copy from the Registry of Deeds in Quezon City and according to him it indicated “Owners Duplicate Copy of the title and not the Original Certificate Copy (or vault copy) of the title, and that besides the title number was a handwritten suffix PR-9690, or Provisional Registration-9690.”

On July 10, 2020, the House Committee on Legislative Franchises voted 70-11 denying the franchise application of ABS-CBN Corp. to construct, install, establish, operate, and maintain radio and broadcasting stations in the Philippines.

After the decision, ABS-CBN Management released a statement on July 15, 2020 announcing it is “now forced to cease the operations of some of its business and “implement a retrenchment program covering ABS-CBN and its subsidiaries effective end of business day on 31 August 2020.”

Veteran broadcasters Ces Orena Drilon and Korina Sanchez-Roxas were the first to get the ax along with many employees from the different broadcast arms including ABS-CBN Sports + Action, MOR 101.9 FM and regional stations.

ABS-CBN employees have held noise barrages calling on Congress to grant the company its franchise.