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Mayor Sara cites reasons for 23-C lockdown

July 06, 2020 - Monday 6:07 PM by Pia Xi

Article Banner Image Duterte-Carpio said it is the attitude of many residents to follow only when someone is watching but would not mind following the protocols when the authorities are not around. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRGY 23-C POBLACION DAVAO CITY FACEBOOK PAGE

DAVAO CITY -- Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio clarified that the lockdown of Barangay 23-C is based on many factors like the attitude of the people, capability of the barangay government to implement the health protocols and the expectation on the current intervention for the current cases to go down.

 She said all these factors contribute to the decision placing the area under strict lockdown, where an enhanced community quarantine is imposed.

 Duterte-Carpio stressed that when lockdown is in effect, people in the area cannot go in and out. 

 She said only those who need medical attention can go out.

 “Those going to see the doctor or hospital can leave the area,” Duterte-Carpio said.

 She also pointed out that the area needs to be placed under strict lockdown because of the fast transmission, where the people must not bring the illness outside their barangay.

 A total of 88 patients are identified as COVID-19 positive in Barangay23-C. 

 Duterte-Carpio said health authorities have recommended to finish at least one life cycle of the virus for 14-days. 

 “The last person who will be afflicted on the 14 day, will manifest symptoms within the next 14 days,” she said. 

Duterte-Carpio appeased the affected residents that the government will get those who are COVID-19 positive, and put them in the facility to cut immediately the transmission as she assured affected families of continued food rations from the City Social Services and Development Office. 

She observed that even the barangay captain in Barangay 23-C expressed difficulty in letting people comply with the protocols set by government. 

Duterte-Carpio said it is the attitude of many residents to follow only when someone is watching but would not mind following the protocols when the authorities are not around. 

 She bared that even with the wearing of masks, many would not comply. 

Duterte-Carpio cited the need for the people in the area to be educated why they need to follow the health protocols. 

“It is the reason why we come up with reading materials for them to know why they have to comply what is ought to be done,” Duterte-Carpio said.

She also reminded all offices and establishments not to discriminate people by asking about their address before allowing them entry. 

Duterte-Carpio pointed out that excluding people from areas which are classified as high risk, is not the basis of controlling the illness, because the screening is based on the address and not on the in-place health protocols. 

She stressed COVID-19 cases do not happen only in Quezon Boulevard.  

“It is difficult to determine asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, and there are many areas in the city that are contaminated already with COVID-19 cases,” Duterte-Carpio said.  

She underscored that offices and establishments must focus more on complying the health protocols and screening measures where individuals are checked on their temperature, cough, colds, fever and loose bowel movement, the presence of hand washing facilities, alcohol and foot baths and physical distancing inside the establishments, and not on fear of certain areas under lockdown. Joey Sem G. Dalumpines