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Nat’l ID enough to cover gov’t, private transactions: exec

October 20, 2020 - Tuesday 9:10 PM by PNA

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DAVAO CITY – The National ID is an all-in-one identification card that can be used when transacting with government and private institutions, an official said last week.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Region 11 (Davao) officer-in-charge Pepito Amoyen said the Philippine ID is a unique ID that comes with a corresponding PhilSys Number or PSN, which stores the basic demographic information and biometrics of an individual.

All government agencies, he said, are linked to the PhilSys registration system.

“Yes, you can transact with government and private institutions by just presenting your Philippine ID because all the data stored in the PhilSys registration system is authentic and revalidated all government agencies are linked to the system,” he said in an interview with One Davao Covid virtual presser on Oct. 16. “All the data about the holder is protected. The demographic info and biometrics is unique to the holder.”

At present, when transacting with government or private company, an individual is asked to present two valid government IDs to get his or her transaction approved or released.

This will not be the case anymore once a Filipino or a resident alien is issued a Philippine ID.

A primer of the PhilSys Act states that the national ID shall serve as an official government-issued ID in dealing with all national government agencies, local government units, GOCCs, government financial institutions, and all of the private sector.

Some of the biometric identifiers of the national ID holder include a photograph of the holder’s front and side view of the face and his or her 10 fingers.

The biometrics is unique to the individual and augments the accuracy of identification.

The pre-registration of PhilSys started on October 12 nationwide.

In its initial phase, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) targets to register some five million poorest of the poor until the end of this year.

Amoyen said PSA-11 targets to register 663,000 as contribution to the five million nationwide target.

He said enumerators will pre-register two members of each household consisting of the head of family and one adult member of the family.

In the pre-registration, the PhilSys registration team or enumerators will go to the barangays for the interview.

He said the ongoing pre-registration in the Davao region is going smoothly with the support of barangay officials and local government units (LGUs).

He clarified, though, that in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, PSA Davao ensures that the pre-registration team is briefed by barangay officials on areas which they are not supposed to cover due to Covid-19 restrictions.

On November 12, which is the scheduled actual registration, those who were pre-registered will be invited by PSA face-to-face for the actual registration.

Amoyen, however, assured that PSA will strictly observe the mandated health protocols in the conduct of the registration.

Registration of the targeted number of low-income families is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Judy Quiros