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No Response/Overwhelming Response

November 08, 2019 - Friday 4:11 AM by Eva Aranas Angel

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Recently, a tweet on Twitter that was insensitive and condescending (think schadenfreude) made the rounds and spilled over social media platforms. Ironically, it came from the founder of a marketing cum adverstising firm, a publicist and communications specialist. She ended her first incendiary tweet with a threat for people in Mindanao in general that things were getting hot, hotter, hottest.


These words, no matter the hate and condescension, are unexpected of someone who makes a living out of communications and marketing. If she steers and spins other people’s directions, especially in politics, she should be the last person to make remarks of that nature. She sounded like an agent provocateur and even worse, cantankerous.


She wrote a lengthy open letter of apology, which made things worse for her which shifted my cold stance toward the issue she found herself entangled with become colder, coldest.


As I shared with my former students, she’s digging herself a deeper grave. 

As a marketing and communications specialist, she does damage control and crises communication management for others, but can’t do the same for herself.

By accusing people of causing an orchestrated campaign against her, shit hits the fan. If she hadn’t spewed out mud, nobody would have known about her and seen her 100 wattage smile in her profile picture.

She should have known better that when the situation is tense, the best reaction is ‘No

When incendiary words are thrown like arrows and would sting her, she should have been more Zen about it -- let the dust settle, and she could see things more clearly.

Despite this lengthy open letter of apology, despite having deleted the tweet that gaslighted everything that has gone wrong in her life and business right now, the harm has been done.
Now that there’s this reversal of fortune, it’s her turn to feel the gradients of our derision and rejection of her non-apology apology.

Yoly, this is how hot, hotter, hottest, hotter than hottest feels like.

On a different note, props to the organizers of HeARTServes, (Jessica Cordova, Fides Boddiongan, Jearvy Lanohan, Mabel Monte and Morning Light Gallery of Miyen Lim as drop off point of the pledges), a project launched by Davao artists who requested for art donations for an online auction. Unlike other art auctions, there was no cash involved. Instead, the artist indicated which useful bundle of items would be the equivalent for each artwork. The art works were exchanged for rice, easy open canned goods, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, toiletries- bath soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other hygiene products, first aid kits, detergents.

The first phase of the auction was for 20 art works. There were more artists donating their pieces so a second phase of the online auction had to be uploaded. This time, the Phase 2 auction had to be divided into two albums because the number of donated art works more than doubled.

As of this writing, more artists, award winning artists are willing to donate their art works for a cause. The art works for the Phase 2 auction were almost sold out. The online art auction was so far reaching that even sculptor Jeanroll Ejar donated a sculpted wooden miniature chair from a solid block of molave. 

It is not only the various artists from Davao who conducted efforts to generate aids to the quake stricken areas in Central Mindanao and Davao del Sur.

A Toastmasters (TM) Club held a raffle for a cause dubbed “We Speak, We Paint, We Care’ where a P500 ticket entitled one a chance to win one of the seven art works put out for the raffle.

The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE) led by its governor Engr. Dan Juson from Davao, through the initiative of Yel Cast, an engineer and visual poetry artist, also launched Paint-e-Cause where proceeds of the art works sold on the online exhibit on the last week of November will be donated for the people of Mindanao affected by the earthquake. 

There aren’t enough words to thank you all, visual artists and sculptor who launched and contributed these projects for our kababayan.

This is how we are. Walang iwanan (No one left behind). 

We lift each other up by our words and our actions. The last thing we need is callous condescension and a phony excuse of a sorry-not sorry letter of apology.