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Our most sublime moment on earth

November 29, 2019 - Friday 4:11 AM by Fr. Roy Cimagala

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            This is none other than the celebration or participation
in the Holy Mass. And that is simply because in the Holy Mass, we have
the sacramental renewal of the supreme act of love that Christ has
done for us. Such sacramental renewal is practically an actual making
present of what Christ did to recover our lost dignity as children of
            Through sacramental signs and the ministry of priests, we
make Christ present, and Christ as he goes through his passion, death
and resurrection that culminates and summarizes everything that he did
and said for our salvation.
            In the Holy Mass, we have no one less than Christ as both
priest and victim, both offering and being offered as a sacrifice to
God the Father for the salvation of mankind, or as ransom for our
liberation from sin. It is the perfect sacrifice that fully satisfies
or repays the debt we owe to God due to our sin.
            There, therefore, cannot be anything more important than
the Holy Mass. That is why the Holy Mass has been described as the
“source and summit of Christian life.” St. Josemaria Escriva describes
it as “the root and center” of the interior or spiritual life of a
person. In it, we are made contemporaries of Christ and sharers in his
supreme, perfect sacrifice that is most pleasing and acceptable to God
the Father.
            We need to realize more deeply this truth of our faith
about the Holy Mass so that we can more properly celebrate or
participate in it. If one is a priest who celebrates the Holy Mass, he
has to realize that he is acting as Christ himself. He should lend all
his faculties to Christ, so that despite his unworthiness, this most
sublime reality would really take place.
            The effectiveness of the Holy Mass does not depend so much
on the disposition or qualities of both the celebrating priest and the
participating faithful as on Christ’s power and merits.
            If one is a faithful participating or attending the Holy
Mass, he has to realize that he is joining Christ in that very act of
offering himself to God the Father as payment for our sin. It is also
our most excellent way of adoring God, of thanking him and petitioning
him for some favour. As St. Pope Paul VI once said, “the Holy Mass is
the most perfect form of prayer.”
            Here are some powerful testimonies saints have made about
the Holy Mass. St. Leonard of Port Maurice said: “The principal
excellence of the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass consists in being
essentially, and in the very highest degree, identical with that which
was offered on the Cross of Calvary.
            “The sole difference is that the sacrifice on the Cross
was bloody, and made once for all, and did on that one occasion
satisfy fully for all the sins of the world; while the sacrifice of
the altar is an unbloody sacrifice, which can be repeated an infinite
number of times, and was instituted in order to apply in detail that
universal ransom which Jesus paid for us on Calvary.”
            St. John Vianney said: “If we really understood the Mass,
we would die of joy.” The doctor of the Church, St. Gregory, said:
“The heavens open and multitudes of angels come to assist in the Holy
Sacrifice of the Mass.”
            St. John Chrysostom said: “When Mass is being celebrated,
the sanctuary is filled with countless angels who adore the divine
victim immolated on the altar.” And apparently, one time, St. Teresa
of Avila was overwhelmed with God’s goodness and asked our Lord, ‘How
can I thank you?’ Our Lord replied, ‘Attend one Mass.’”
            There is no doubt that celebrating or participating in the
Holy Mass is the most sublime moment we can have on earth!