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PAYING IT FORWARD: Davao-born Cartoon Network artist shares his craft to Dabawenyos

December 31, 2018 - Monday 6:12 PM by Kenneth Paul Senarillos

SMILES. Santino Lascano (left) poses for the camera together with participants (center) and Cherry Joy Ledesma (right), Cinedashery East Manager. KENNETH PAUL SENARILLOS

DAVAO CITY -- More than 30 aspiring animators and designers attended the Workshop on Environment and Background Design in Animation  at the Regus Spaces in Felcris Centrale on December 19.

LA x DVO and Cinedashery East invited Davao-born Cartoon Network artist Santino Lascano to share his knowledge about background design in animation.

Aside from visiting his home town again, flying from California to Davao City to do the workshop was an easy decision for him.

“Sharing the craft was the way I got my first job in the industry,” he said.

"I feel like I should do the same and pay it forward,” he added.

CONCENTRATE. Participants focus on making their own creative animation background designs as part of the whole day workshop. KENNETH PAUL SENARILLOS 

In an interview with the  Mirror, Lascano pointed out what more needs to be done in honing the skills of aspiring digital artists in Davao.

"Just for an animation standpoint, I think we need more experienced teachers that are still in the industry," he said.

"There's a lot of raw talent but it's always self-thought," he added. 

With the great potential of digital artists here and with the expertise of Lascano, the workshop was a perfect creative venue for digital artists who wanted to learn more about background design in animation.

The workshop discussed six important aspects of animation design: storyboards, background design, screen aspect ratios, character placement, composition, and perspective.

The  selected topics were essential for the participants to become familiar with  the basics of animation background design production.

APPLICATION. The workshop teaches valuable techniques  in animation background design production for its participants to apply their learnings to their future digital art projects. KENNETH PAUL SENARILLOS 

"I learned solid techniques and fundamentals on digital background designing that I can use on my future projects," Jeff Ponteras, a web developer and a workshop participant, shared.

The workshop not only imparted new techniques on its participants, it also encouraged them to pursue their creative visions through digital art.

"It is especially encouraging for aspiring artists to be given substantial feedback that improves their work," Angely Chi, an artist and a workshop participant, shared.

Through workshops and mentoring, Lascano hopes to see more local ideas and authentic stories flourish not just in animation background design but in visual art in general.