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PDEA 11 launches drug- free workplace program

September 21, 2019 - Saturday 4:09 PM by MDM

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DAVAO CITY -- The Philippine Drug Enforcement (PDEA) 11 on Friday launched an advocacy program dubbed “Oplan Kalasag” which promotes and implements a drug-free workplace in business establishments in the city.

PDEA 11 director Antonio Rivera, who led the launch at the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) in this city, said the program seeks to promote and implement a national drug abuse prevention program in the workplace.

He said Oplan Kalasag is a special project of PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino which strives to engage the management of the workplace by implementing their own drug-free workplace program, educate employees on the ill effects of dangerous drugs, and enforce a random drug test for all their officers and employees.

Rivera urged owners of business establishments across the Davao Region to implement a drug-free workplace policy.

Rivera told the Mirror that in Davao City, the local government enacted City Ordinance Number 0506 Series of 2013 and implements it through Executive Order Number 32 Series of 2018. 

Under the ordinance, the Business Bureau will not grant and renew any 2020 business permit for establishments employing ten or more employees unless declared compliant by the PDEA 11.

Here in Davao City we don’t have a problem because we have a city ordinance that says your business permit will not be renewed if you don’t have a drug-free workplace program in the form of a policy in your business establishment,” he said.

Rivera also said similar drug-free workplace ordinances will be rolled out in other provinces in Davao Region.