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Pollo Porco: A new lechon experience

October 14, 2019 - Monday 6:10 PM by Judy Quiros

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Every Filipino family loves to serve lechon whenever there is a party. In Filipino tradition, a party isn’t grand without lechon, which is why lechon has become a lucrative business in the Philippines, especially during peak seasons like Christmas and New Year.

But have you heard of flavored lechon? This is the new thing which couple Glenn and Anne Lorraine Yap have brought to Davao City.

Couple Glenn and Anne Lorrainne Yap  tell more about their Pollo Porco brand of lechon in Davao

The couple started their lechon business in Cebu back in 2002. Cebu lechon is widely known for its crunchy golden red skin, tender, and flavorsome meat. It was in 2012 when they decided to migrate to Davao City and allow Davaoeños to enjoy the delicious and famous lechon of Cebu, Glenn said.

The couple, however, wanted to give something special to Davaoeños and decided to introduce the  Pollo Porco lechon brand. This brand of lechon is stuffed with either native or broiler chicken, although the couple prefer the native chicken.

A Pollo Porco lechonero pose with the whole lechon and “Lechon Sa Karton”

This time they are bringing new flavors such as Lechon with Truffle Rice and Lechon with Aligue Rice and the first “Lechon sa Karton.” They also customize the flavors upon request such as spicy and non-spicy lechon. This flavored lechon is the first in Davao City.

Speaking at the launching of the flavored lechon Thursday (Oct. 10) at Partoza Durian Farm, Glenn said the flavored lechon is actually the idea of his wife Anne Lorraine .

Lechon sa karton (three kilos)

“Our lechon is malasa and wala pang flavored lechon dito sa Davao. We want to upgrade the lechon experience of Davaoenos,” Anne Lorraine said.

She is hopeful people would give their flavored lechon a try especially this Christmas and New Year. The Pollo Porco brand of lechon can be ordered through any Chikaan food shop or online from P3,800 to P4,200, P4,500, and P5,500 depending on the size.

On weekends, customers could also buy three kilos (chopped) of “Lechon sa Karton” at P1,850.

Anne Lorraine Yap introduces her flavored Pollo Porco lechon either with truffle rice, aligue rice or native chicken

The couple said they ask first the Davao customers upon making their orders if they want salty or less salty lechon. “We are adjusting the salt according to customer’s preference,” Anne Lorraine said.

“The business of lechon is competitive. The challenge for us is to bring in a certain taste of Cebu lechon which is only partnered with vinegar and no salsa,” Glenn said.

Glenn Yap says the lechon business is lucrative.