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Proof of parking ordinance pushed in Davao City

July 10, 2019 - Wednesday 11:07 AM by Ruth Palo

Article Banner Image JAMMED. Davao City councilor Conrado Baluran points out that one of the causes of traffic jams is the penchant of many vehicle owners to turn the city’s streets into their own private parking space. ARJOY M. CENIZA

DAVAO CITY -- Third district councilor Conrado Baluran on Tuesday proposed an ordinance mandating all prospective vehicle owners to present proof that they have parking space or garage before they are allowed to make the purchase.

In a privilege speech during the regular City Council session, Baluran, who chairs the Committee on Transportation and Communication, said this measure will help ease traffic congestion in the city.

He said the city has been facing a big traffic problem because of its fast-paced development, with numerous construction projects, flourishing business, and the resulting influx of migration from neighboring areas due to career opportunities here.

Baluran said there is a need to provide legislative measures to address the traffic situation.

“Sad but true, but some of the vehicle owners turned our streets into their own private parking space, thus blocking traffic flow,” he said.

Land Transportation Office (LTO) 11 records showed that the number of registered motor vehicles for the year 2017 alone reached 28,297 vehicles, of which 5,517 are public utility vehicles.

Under the proposed “Proof of Parking Space” ordinance, individuals in Davao City would only be allowed to purchase vehicles after the execution of an affidavit or certificate confirming that they have acquired, either through purchase or lease, parking space for the vehicles sought to be purchased.

Baluran told reporters on Tuesday he will be calling a meeting with the business sector to discuss with them the possible establishment of high rise parking areas.

“We will invite investors through public-private partnership and a joint venture in building these high-rise parking spaces. There are government or maybe privately-owned lots that can be utilized in building those just like in Manila and Cebu,” he said.

He said while everyone has the right to purchase vehicles, this needs to be regulated when it causes discomfort to others and the public in general.

“It is true that no one has the right to stop someone from buying their vehicle, but when such right has started to cause discomfort to others, the public in general, then social responsibility will be taken into consideration,” he said.

The proposed ordinance is now on first reading and was referred to the Committee on Transportation and Communication and Committee on Privileges, Laws and Ordinances for hearings and public consultations.

Representatives of the LTO, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) 11, and car dealers are among those who will attend the committee hearings. With a report from PNA