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Quarantine inspection set up vs entry of ASF

September 19, 2019 - Thursday 4:09 PM by Funny Pearl A. Gajunera

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DAVAO CITY -- The city government is putting up quarantine inspection in all entry and exit points to prevent the entry and spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) and protect the hog industry in the city.

Dr. Cerelyn Pinili, head of City Veterinarian Office (CVO), said her office has coordinated with Task Force Davao to put up the quarantine inspection in its checkpoints.

Pinili said there is already a quarantine inspection area at the Lasang checkpoint while the ones for Sirawan and Lasang were scheduled to be put up on Thursday afternoon.

"There will be four people who will man the animal quarantine area. They will be there 24 hours on rotation. They will be supported by the Task Force Davao," she said.

Pinili said the inspectors will be there to check and prevent the entry of hog meat in the city.

"Once the x-ray machine detects meat, it will automatically be confiscated, especially if there are no documents," she said.

Pinili said the inspectors from her office will also check all the necessary documents like a permit proving that there is no infection in the area where the hog meat came from before the hog or hog products are allowed to enter the city.

"The officers will check the documents. If they have all the documents, they can enter the city. If not, they will go back to their place of origin," she said.

On Tuesday, the City Council passed a resolution for the temporary ban on the entry of hogs and hog products in the city after a reported case of ASF in Luzon.