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Republique’s Affair to Remember

November 02, 2019 - Saturday 6:11 PM by Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto

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It is, after all, the flavors that make or break a dish. To put it simply, it is the flavors that make an affair. Come to think of it, we crave and yearn to be satisfied at the most trivial of senses. Most fantasize a dish from mere visual while others wait for their palate to talk to them.

Mirroring a premium yet sustainable lifestyle, Republique Asian Fusion has a menu that will make you want to eat more. From soups to vegetables to everything else you could think of, they have it. And the best thing about their menu is that the flavors are homey. Well, to put it simply, very familiar to the palate.

Recently, new dishes were added to their already packed menu. “We wanted to add something for the Dabawenyos,” Chef Jorven Allocod said during the presentation. With 15 years of kitchen experience, Chef Jorven conceptualized these dishes to give emphasis to Davao’s growing produce and yes, love for good food.

Chef Jorven worked together with Chefs Milton (Deocades) and Clenton (Elesterio) to elevate the taste, food presentation, and flavor pairings of the dishes to further ignite the city’s food palate. Not to mention the fact that despite the family-style serving and generous sarap on every plate, each dish is affordable – perfect for the kuripot foodie in all of us.

Soup: Local Bird Nest with Quail Egg (P240) and Seafood Spinach Thick Soup (P240) bought sparks to the palate as soon as they were served. The undeniable taste and texture were more than enough to warm up the self to an endless habhab sesh like no other.
Palate Talk: ‘Wag mahihiya to ask for seconds…or thirds. Masarap naman kasi.

Noodle: Stir-fry Birthday Noodles (P260) will have you singing Donna Lyn Bartolome’s HBD song in a snap – even when it’s not your birthday. The fusion of local and international flavors is really prevalent in this dish.
Palate Talk: Get a forkful and you’ll love the explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Fish: Fried Pompano with Sweet Chili Sauce (P700) and Fried Pompano with House Vinegar and Light Soy (P690) will make fall in love with fish all over again. Admittedly, I make likay eating fish – picky and choosy! – but with Republique’s fried pompano, I was shoving pieces in my mouth faster than my moving on from an unsolicited affair – or so they say.
Palate Talk: Use your hands and savour every piece – promise, masarap.

Vegetables: Seasonal Green Garden Vegetable Garlic (P200), French Beans with Minced Shrimp (P210) and French Beans with Minced Pork (P190) are just the bomb! The freshness, the crunch, and the savoury sauce makes for a celebration in itself. French beans with minced shrimp, you have my utmost and sincerest love right from the start.
Palate Talk: Veggies ftw

Rice: House Special Yang Chow (P220), Salted Fish Fried Rice (P220), and my personal favorite, Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice (P220) is nothing short of texture, flavor, and taste. Basically a meal on its own, their fried rice choices has that subtle yet enigmatic pull that excites the palate with every subo.
Palate Talk: Speechless sa sarap.

Meat: According to my friends, their plate of Spicy Pork Ribs (P300) is tender, juicy, and packed with flavors. Beef Steak with Special Sauce (P355), with the fried banana on the side, is delectably indulging. Paired with the chicken pineapple rice, it was heaven on earth for my palate. On the other hand, their Boneless Orange Lemon Chicken is very reminiscent of Panda Express’ orange chicken. 
Palate Talk: Pair it up with other dishes.

Hungry? Go ahead and have that affair… an affair of flavors, that is.