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Sara shuns “substitution” saying she will announce her presidential bid if she will run

March 08, 2021 - Monday 8:03 PM by Jose Ronald F. Siongco

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For the hundredth time, Presidential Daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte said she won’t run for President in the 2022 National Elections.

And if she did, she won’t do a “substitution” being a “controlling person.”

“Nagsultii na ku na I do not intend to run for President in 2022,” she reiterated during her weekly program streamed via Davao City Disaster Radio’s Facebook Page on Monday.

She noted the issue keeps coming back because people either do not want to believe or refuse to listen to her pronouncements.

“Napansin naku nga dili muto-o or dili maminaw ang mga tao,” she stressed. “Murag nagbalik-balik ang question tungod anang duha ka rason.”

She added, ‘murag naa tay ‘impasse’, because we cannot all move on kung dili mo muto-o sa akuang gisulti. That is why naa ta sa standstill tanan.”

Duterte then revealed how a friend from Luzon consulted a ‘manghuhula’ in Batangas to know if she would win as President.

“Dunay koy kaila na nagpahula. Niadto sila sa isa ka lugar sa Luzon kay gusto gyud nila ipahula,” she narrated.

Expectedly, the fortune teller said she would win, if she would run.

“Syempre, ni-ingon daw tong manghuhula, ‘mudaug ma na si Inday Sara’, unya ang iyahang next sentence, ‘kung mudagan siya’,” she said.

She confessed she doesn’t know what to do anymore so everyone can move on.

“Sa tinood lang, wala na ku kahibalo, unsaon natu pag move forward tanan sa atuang panaghiusa kung dili ta mag-move on from Inday Sara,” she remarked.

She also discounted reports that she will do a last-minute “substitution” during the filing of Certificate of Candidacy in October like what his father, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, did last 2016.

“Ako dili ko maka-substitute ug candidate because I am not a member of any national political party,” she explained. “That will not happen.”

And she is different from her father.

“Lahi mi ni President Duterte. Dili mi parehong tao. Kung ang iyahang style is ingon ana, dili ing ana ang akoa. I am a very controlling person,” she expounded.

If she does intend to run, she will properly plan it and announce it to the public.

“Dili siya mahitabo sa akua nga basta-basta na lang naku buhaton na wala siya gi-planohan. So kung ako mudagan, musulti ko daan sa tanan,” she said.

And once it has been decided, Sara wants everyone to unite and help her not only during the elections but also aid her with her work.

“Musulti ko sa ilaha nga maghiusa ta, magtinabangay ta and then tabangan ko ninyo dili lang sa kampanya, dili lang sa eleksyon but sa akuang trabaho mismo,” she said.

That, in a nutshell, is her action plan if she would run. But she won’t.

“Ing ana ang akung buhaton but wala ko na ginabuhat because wala gyud koy intensyon na mudagan.” MDM