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Share the road

August 23, 2019 - Friday 4:08 PM by MDM

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“Share the road.” Have you ever heard that at any point in your life? Usually, we get annoyed when someone is using the road differently from how we do it. They’re too fast, too slow, indecisive, or ignorant. We end up getting angry at other drivers for whatever reason. But isn’t it absurd if, for example, you’re driving a car, and you get mad at someone riding his bicycle in front of you because he’s too slow? That’s expected of cyclists; they cannot possibly match the speed of cars.

In this video, a woman named Jennifer is riding her horse in peace. They are clearly in a relaxed mood, basking in the morning sun. Suddenly, cyclists pass them, and it seems like it is a race. The horse appears to tolerate the speed and proximity of the cyclists. It’s amazing to see how calm the animal is.

Towards the end of the video, one cyclist hits both Jennifer and her horse. “The cyclist smashes along the side of my horse, taking my stirrup in the handlebars and bruising up my ankle. My horse rears and bolts forward, taking off one of his back shoes,” Jennifer says. If you look closely, the cyclist even flips his finger at her as he passed them.

It was reported that the horse experienced some trauma after the incident. It has become defensive whenever it sees cyclists on the road. Jennifer hopes that it will not have any long-term effects on her animal.

As users of the road, we should at least be aware of road safety when passing vulnerable users of the road. We should ‘share the road’.