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February 09, 2021 - Tuesday 3:02 PM by MDM

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Delivery service nowadays have become an integral part of our lives especially during the height of the pandemic. It is conveniently safe, ordering thru phone or online from your favorite shop and being delivered fast right at your doorstep.

The emergence of the delivery service industry especially here in our country has seen a potential boom in terms of customer demand and the general public’s clamor for this service.

Ranging from food, to documents, gadgets, clothing and even plants, virtually anything that is capable of being delivered, has been delivered by this industry. 

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Even though we are seeing a lot of delivery service companies servicing the general public’s delivery need, the demand for this service just seem to rise overtime.

Now, a potential new player in the delivery service industry, which is 100% locally owned and operated, has been making quite a few waves recently. 

Toktok, the newest online franchise delivery service company to join the highly competitive industry which had its soft launch last December 8th of 2020, has been tagged so far as having the “Most affordable” delivery service rates in the market today.

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Toktok is represented by Alden Richards and Ms. Maine Mendoza as their brand ambassadors, and the country’s most influential endorsers of our time. Toktok believes that the pair-up of Alden and Maine will brings a much relax and comfortable impression to its customers.

Compared to other delivery service company, toktok offers its customers a more budget friendly delivery fee offering. 

Starting from Toktok delivery service’s P60 flag down rate on the first kilometer and P5 for every succeeding kilometer, making this a real “deal steal”, the ideal delivery choice in terms of affordability.

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Toktok currently operates its thousands of delivery riders, receiving delivery assignments now in the National Capital Region, selected areas in Luzon.

For more information you may visit or toktok’s official Facebook and Instagram page.