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Davao City, Philippines

Wise move by Mayor Sara

October 18, 2019 - Friday 4:10 AM by MDM

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Mayor Sara’s decision to suspend classes in the wake of the 6.3 magnitude was the right thing to do.

Time to take stock of the post-earthquake scenario indeed. And from the mayor’s viewpoint, that may include an assessment of the overall situation; from the state of infrastructure (both government and private) to basic services, to the major commercial establishments, and to peace and security itself.

The respite would also give school officials the opportunity to determine the integrity of school buildings and to see to it that safety measures are in place.

At 6.3 magnitude, the earthquake that struck Davao City and other parts of Mindanao was relatively strong. It is only a few notches lower before 7.0 magnitude, the level when an earthquake is deemed destructive.

What seemed to have saved this city and its neighboring areas from probable destruction was the fact that like previous earthquakes, Wednesday’s tectonic visitor was merely content on leaving its calling card and then on exiting promptly.

In short, there were no violent aftershocks with such force and regularity as to take down buildings and damage infrastructure.

Hence, the idea behind the inspection of buildings is necessary precaution and hindsight. Earthquakes are not known to cause fire but they are notorious in exposing issues that could lead to disaster or to fire.  Some of the issues may have to do with inadequately-built structures or faulty wiring laying under flimsy concrete covers. 

While at it, the city government can go the whole hog by coming up with the trained men and women that can do actual rescue or recovery work in a post-earthquake scenario.

This type of rescue or recovery work needs men of special skills who can tunnel their way into the twisted remains with calm and precision.  

It is a food for thought this city can consider for the long haul.